Your Guide to the Top 10 Food Destinations in India

Food lovers can go any distances to quench their lust for a delicious meal. And when travelling comes as a bonus, who would deny the chance to such an awesome way of life. India is a diverse country, be it in terms of religion or culture or beliefs. Why would food diversity be left behind? India serves a unique savour for each taste bud and hence disappoints no one. Listing Down Your Guide to the Top 10 Food Destinations in India.

All you foodies out there, It’s time to run your eyes through Your Guide to the Top 10 Food Destinations in India which are no less than a paradise for you.

1) Amritsar

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Amritsar is a delight for all desi food lovers. Get ready to taste ample amount and pure quality of ghee, butter, milk, buttermilk, curd in the famous dishes. And if these are the key ingredients, don’t get shocked by putting some extra weight. The Dhaba culture and authenticity of the place will surely make you it’s a food addict.

2) Delhi

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Delhi is the heart of India and hence is obligatory to turn every heart happy. From authentic cuisines to regional fusions, Delhi does its best. No matter what type of food you like or what flavours your taste buds crave, you just need to know the right place in Delhi and it will be all set to satisfy your hunger urge.

3) Goa

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As happening Goa is for a vacation, as food-friendly it is. The seafood here is especially amazing and carries a unique taste owing to its local preparation. So the next time you visit Goa, do ensure that the reason is much more than just beaches and parties.

4) Kolkatta

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Spicy food and rather sweeter sweet-dishes – Kolkatta is a love to fall for when it comes to foods and flavours. Famous Bengali cuisines include a variety of fish and desserts like sondesh and rosogulla. Are you not tempted yet to have a bite?

5) Ajmer

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Ajmer is a city of royalty, grandeur and magnificence. And once you get the taste of royalty, it tastes nothing less than an addiction. The authentic Rajasthani food served with amiable hospitality is all that you need for a bellyful and satisfying meal. Especially Kadhi Kachori; I must Say Yummmmmmm!

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There’s no dearth of street snacks to grab on-the-go in Ajmer, and this one best and especially Bunny’s (My Husband’s) and Our Brother Harish Bhaiya’s most favourite street food is sure to catch your attention if you ever happen to be in the city. Just like any other city of Rajasthan, Ajmer is also known for its kachoris.

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If you’re looking for a curry variant of Kachori, you should definitely try out the Kadhi Kachori at Khandelwal Chaat Bhandar which is in Kesar Ganj. The spicy kachori immersed in tangy Kadhi gives the most unique taste that you’ll remember for a very long time. You might want to go here on an empty stomach because can’t have just one.

6) Darjeeling

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Darjeeling is famous for its tea gardens. And you can try almost any and every type of tea here. Apart from that, some special dishes like British breakfast are prepared here which are perfect to enjoy the beautiful surroundings that Darjeeling offers.

7) Hyderabad

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Anyone visiting Hyderabad might not know anything about it but Hyderabadi biryani is like the essence of its soul. The appetizing flavours of spices make it irresistible. During the festive season of Ramzaan, more such delicacies are served.

8) Mumbai

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Indians are so crazy about street food as it includes all the yum flavours to fulfil the urge of a hungry stomach. And Mumbai is so freaking good at making mouth-watering street food. Vada Pao is a staple dish that finds its origin in Mumbai. A must try!

9) Lucknow

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Lucknow is famous for 2 things only. First are the respect and hospitality they treat their guests with and second is their world-famous Kebabs, a paradise for non-vegetarians. Mughlai and Awadhi cuisines are the USP of Lucknow.

10) Sikkim

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Momos had their origin in the northeast. And Sikkim’s variety of momos (dumplings), Thukpa(Noodle soup) and Phagshapa(Pork fat) keep themselves all set to amaze you. So when in Sikkim, you know what your food order should call out for.

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So plan a holiday to your favourite culinary haven and experience India’s richness not only by sightseeing but by indulging in its elaborate and savoury Indian street food culture.

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