You Can’t Afford To Miss These 15 Monasteries in Ladakh During Your Visit

Surrounded by the Karakorum and the great Himalayas, Ladhakh is a picturesque place in the lap of mountains. It is an ideal location for trips if you aim at finding some quality time with yourself and your loved ones. Monasteries in Ladakh are a major tourist attraction. And one cannot miss to visit them on a trip to Ladakh. It would be like not eating wada pao while you are in Mumbai.

The kind of peace and solitude these monasteries will provide you will make for an enthralling experience. These monasteries are not mere religious centers but places for finding the peace within yourself while exploring the rich culture of Ladakh.

Spituk Monastery

Situated 8 kilometers away from Leh, Spituk is a Buddhist monastery founded by Od-de. The monastery inhabits 100 monks and a statue of Kali which is unveiled only during the annual Spituk festival. According to popular opinion, Spituk ranks 11 amongst ‘Places to visit in Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir’.

Hemis Monastery

Hemis is regarded as the largest monastery of Leh-ladakh region. It has over 200 branches in the Himalayan region and over 1000 monks reside in these branches. The vibrant architecture, ancient statues and images make a visit to this monastery quite a memorable experience. Furthermore, the journey to this monastery is a thrilling experience in itself. It provides amazing scenic views which are no less than a treat to the eyes.

Matho Monastery

Located 26 kilometers away from Leh, Matho is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. This monastery has an adjoining museum which showcases the robes and masks worn by the lamas during the annual dance festival. Besides providing a peaceful environment, this monastery will facilitate your exploration about the culture of the location.

Thiksey Monastery

Thiksey monastery is also located on a hilltop. Moreover, it’s quite famous for its remarkable similarity with Potala Palace of Lhasa. This monastery derives its name from the Thiksey village which is located on the Leh-Manali highway. The two storey tall Maitreya Buddha statue is the most prominent attraction of this monastery. This statue is also famous as the largest statue in Ladakh.

Wanla Gompa

Wanla Gompa is a historic Buddhist monastery situated in the Wanla village. The three-storied image of the eleven-headed Mahakaruna is the most astounding attraction of this monastery. It is one of the most popular heritage sites and monasteries in Ladakh.

Alchi Monastery

Alchi monastery, located on the banks of Indus river, is renowned as one of the oldest Buddhist learning centers in Northern India. The major tourist attraction in Alchi monastery are woodworks, carvings and huge statues of lord Buddha. Alchi is located near Spituk monastery. So you can easily pay a visit to both of them while you are nearby.

Phugtal Monastery

Majorly built up of wood and mud, Phugtal monastery is situated on a clifftop near the famous Lungnak river. To reach this monastery, one needs to trek on the Padum-Manali route which is about 7 kilometers long. So along with exploring the monastery, you will also get the chance to indulge in some adventure through trekking.

Sani Monastery

Sani monastery presents a rich culture of the place through its architecture. Its various parts date back to different centuries and years, making it quite evident that a lot of rulers contributed to its construction. Moreover, it is constructed in the form of a castle with the Kanika stupa situated at the back of its complex. All these architectural gems make this monastery even more of an exploration site.

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