Why is Kinnaur Valley Going Popular Among Travellers?

Well folks am back with a bang! As I bring to you some reasons as to why is Kinnaur Valley going popular among the travellers. But first let us know some things about Kinnaur.

Kinnaur is also known as ‘the land of gods’. It’s a beautiful land surrounded by Tibet and Himachal Pradesh jointly. It is around 235 kms away from Shimla and houses three mountain ranges namely, Zanskar range, Greater Himalayas range and the Dhauladhar range. The valleys housed within are inexplicably beautiful and there are orchards, fields and thick woods which depict a photographer’s paradise literally! The people who reside here are great, honest and are soft-hearted towards the travellers who visit this place. The people of Kinnaur have strong belief in Hinduism and Buddhism.

I guess it’s time I take you on a virtual ride of Kinnaur Valley, What say huh? Well if you are ready then let’s go!

About Kinnaur valley

Kinnaur Valley is actually one of the 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh which is famous for its Apple, Orchards, beautiful meadows and many more yet to be told to you.  In winters, the presence of snow makes it look like a paradise on Earth. The major attractions of Kinnaur Valley is the breathtaking view offered by the Kinner Kailash, which is practically a mountain, that is sacred to the Hindus and one that is pretty much close to the Tibetan border! The beautiful meadows of Baspa Valley or Sangla and Chitkul are considered the last villages of India and can only be accessed through Kinnaur.

The snow capped mountains in the background with a crystal clear river water at the front.
The exotic Kinnaur Valley!


All the adrenaline rush-seekers beware as we enter your favourite part, Altitudes! Kinnaur Valley is basically a huge mountainous range whose height range from 2,320 mtrs to 6,816 mtrs. Which includes Kapla, a town that basically is situated at an height of 2,960 mtrs, then comes Sangla valley which is located at an altitude of 2,696 mtrs and finally the highest of the lot situated in Kinnaur Valley is Chitkul which is basically a village that is located at an extraordinary height of 3,450 mtrs. Well so much for height-lovers of Kinnaur Valley.

Best season to travel to Kinnaur Valley

There is practically no time that you cannot visit Kinnaur valley, but even though I would like to tell you that try avoiding visiting Kinnaur Valley during the Monsoon. The reason is simple actually, it’s just that rain becomes the main cause of landslides. Which could in-turn get you hurt and thus resulting in a great bummer for your travel plans. Obviously, no one likes to be bummed out on their travels, huh. So, my advise is to avoid visiting Kinnaur Valley during the monsoons.

Rocky mountain slopes with the road ahead.
The beautiful road en-route to Chitkul Village!

Accommodations at Kinnaur Valley

Once you reach Kinnaur Valley, you obviously will need a place to stay if you are not going to stay in tents. There are economic guest house which do not burn a hole in your pocket, then there are luxury rooms as well which tends to provide you a comfortable and luxurious stay at Kinnaur Valley.  Apart from these accommodations you also have PWD rest houses which tend to provide you with comfort and all the facilities at an economic rate. But these rest houses may not suit for a family’s needs. Thus, I personally suggest you to take the economic guest houses, as they tend not to burn a hole in your pocket as well as they meet up to a family’s needs.

great view offered by PWD rest house!
A PWD rest house at Reckong Peo.

Attractions in and around Kinnaur Valley

Chitkul Village:

This village is about 28 kms away from Sangla Valley and is situated at an height of 3,450 mts. This village is also the last inhabited place before the Indo-Tibetian border begins. This place has a stunning beauty to offer its visitors and also its world class potatoes to the visitors, but the potatoes are very costly too. Moreover this village is closed during the winters, So no point trying to visit it during the winters.

A beautiful mountainous backdrop with the village.
The mesmerising Chitkul Village!

Roghi Village:

This village which is around 6 to 7 kms far from Kapla is quite known in the whole of Himachal Pradesh for its apples. This place houses many mystifying scenery. The villagers here have great amount of knowledge among themselves about the village and they are also very friendly and honest people. I am sure it will be a great time for them as well as you, when you visit this village.

An astonishing view of the valley.
The extraordinary Roghi Village!

Kothi Village:

This village is around 3 kms away from Recong Peo. This village is often known for the beautiful views of the mountains it has, to offer to its visitors. But the most important fact for which the village is known for in the whole of Himachal Pradesh, is the Chandika Devi Temple which houses unusual yet extremely beautiful archietectural works and sculptures.

A great backdrop of the mountains with the village at the fore front.
The Kothi Village…

Kamru Fort:

Next up is a fort that is situated hardly 3 to 4 kms away from Sangla Valley. This fort is known throughout India, for the fact that this is the oldest fort in the whole of Himachal Pradesh!

Kamru fort standing tall with the passing time.
The Kamru Fort, Old is Gold after all! 

Other facilities offered at Kinnaur Valley

  1. Medical: In case of medical emergencies, there is a district hospital at Recong Peo and a local hospital at Sangla Village.
  2. Eateries: There are many dhabas en-route to Kapla or Sangla from Shimla besides the food available at the guest houses too.
  3. Signal Towers: Most of the connections here are Airtel but once you visit remote areas, then it would be best to carry BSNL handsets because BSNL has the maximum coverage in the whole of Himachal Pradesh.
  4. ATMs: There is only one ATM in Sangla Valley and Reckong Peo as much as I know.

Well folks, looks like we have hit the end of the road on this beautiful journey of Kinnaur Valley. The main reasons for making Kinnaur Valley famous is due to the attractions it has to offer and also the fact that you can travel there by road. But Kinnaur Valley is famous in the whole of Himachal Pradesh for the Apples it has, to offer its visitors.

So make sure that you buy plenty of them as they look and taste extraordinary! Well then what are you waiting for take out you travel bags because you have to go to Kinnaur Valley! Go on now start packing and also let me know in the comments section if I have missed any point worth stating here. Happy Travels!

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