Valuable Tips For Woods Camping

Are you bored and exhausted? Head out for woods camping, which sounds so much relaxed and a fantastic getaway to your monotonous life. Bust out all your stress and sense the peace surrounded all over in the woods. Be it a calling adventure or a chance to reconnect with nature; woods camping has it all to make your weekend trip unforgettable. Whether it’s your first or the next one, to enjoy and make your trip comfortable, you need to know some of the valuable tips before exiting. 

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1: Learn how to set up a tent

Before heading out, make sure you know how to set up a tent in the woods. For that, you can start by practicing it in an open space. I am sure no one is a camping pro. Hence, try out sleeping bags, camp stoves, and make yourself comfortable with your gear. Moreover, choose a tent which is big enough depending on how many you are in numbers.

2: Lightweight backpack

First of all, choose a convenient backpack which you can easily carry on your shoulder. If you are going to walk up to the campsite, choose a lightweight backpack with only essentials items to put. However, if planning to drive, the heavyweight backpack isn’t a problem.

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3: Pack high-calorie Food

Although camping sounds fun, it is not easy at all. It requires a lot of planning and patience. Moreover, good health is the great reason of you enjoying outdoors. Thus, pack a high-calorie food which can give you enough energy and easily maintain proper hygiene. Anyway, you can carry packed food to save time and energy like dry fruits, peanut butter, nuts, which require no preparation at all.

4: Carry Games

Busy in the hustle-bustle of daily life, we often don’t get time to spend with our family(sometimes, a minute at all). However, woods camping can do it for you. Carry games, or play hide and seek, dumb charades, etc. to make it up to them.

5: Get a waterproof tarp

Rain is indeed possible to happen when in the woods. It’s wise to plan ahead and get a waterproof tarp to ensure your tent doesn’t get wet. Also, it will keep you safe from rain.

6: A sleeping Bag

Carrying a sleeping bag isn’t a bad option, though you must be sleeping in a tent. Since bags filled down with feathers, help in keeping you warm, or you can go for water-resistant one, also depending upon the weather.

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7: A portable Stove and other utensils

Are you planning to spend a long weekend? Pack a portable burner, in case you need to cook food. Also, for cooking, you will need some utensils, knife to cut, and matchsticks to burn.

8: Pack your clothes wisely

Wise planning leads to a fun and carefree trip. Wear clothes from quick-drying fabric. Synthetics such as nylon and polyester are best fits for the trip. Also, pack some interchangeable and spare clothes in case you are having a bad day. Wear hiking boots, which will protect you from injuries and makes it easy for you to walk.

9: A First-aid Kit

The first-aid kit is a must-pack thing to keep in mind. A blunder could happen any time, and you never know what the day has planned for you. So, it’s better to be prepared than to regret it.

10: Insect repellant and sunscreen 

Apart from the bad day, bugs can also ruin your trip. So, don’t let it happen and carry an insect repellant to apply all over your body. Moreover, sunlight in the outdoors is common, protect your face and body using a sunscreen and body lotion with SPF 50 formula.


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