Unexplored Tourist Locations in Himachal

Nowadays many people look out for offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh as many of the tourist places are mostly turning to concrete jungles.  There is so much demand for these less known beautiful places in Himachal that many of them are turning into the tourist hotspots now. The spectacular of the Himalayas woos tourists of diverse tastes from all over the world. From trekking, rafting, paragliding, skiing, sightseeing and refreshing holidays. Himachal offers numerous attractions to travelers in different hill stations of the state. as well as It is also the home of the Dalai Lama and spectacular Buddhist monasteries are also popular tourist attractions of the state.

himachal jungle
Himachal jungle

» Pabbar valley

Pabbar Valley is one of the most beautiful and stunning valleys in Himachal Pradesh. You can reach here via Shimla and the route is purely breathtakingly beautiful. The Pabbar River flows through the valley. The valley is not urbanized so it retains the charm of a village in hills. The place is famous for its craftsmanship. In the higher reaches peaks of the hills, people rear sheep and weave wool to make beautiful woolen clothes using mechanical looms. The number of visitors to this place is very few and those who have been here calling it a hidden gem or a place equal to kinds of paradise on earth. Surrounded by mountains all around, it is really a breathtaking place to visit, especially during spring and summer. Trekkers and visitors who have reached the valley are blessed with the unparalleled views of bright green woods of oak and deodar along with gorgeous apple orchards.


Barot comes in the Mandi district of Himachal and is an ideal destination for unique outdoor activities. The village serves as a breeding center for trout fishes and has many fishing farms. Barot gives stay for the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary as well which is home to many Himalayan species such as Himalayan Gorals, Himalayan Black Bears, and many different pheasants. The village has many trekking places, with one of them cutting through the sanctuary and leading towards Kullu.

barrot valley


Dressed in the moonlight’ is the translation of the word “Churdhar”, and the place rightly lives up to its name. The night here comes with a beautiful picture of the mountains and hills basking in the glory of the moon. A trek from Sarain passes you through beautiful deodar forests to the ancient temple of Srigul. The 48 km long road to this destination is worth all your time and energy as the experience of stillness and peace here will stay with you forever and ever. A gigantic concrete statue of Lord Shiva sits at the top of the peak offering a bird-eye view of the chaotic town below.

landscape mountain
landscape mountain


Chitkul is a little hamlet hidden in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh.  Sets on the Indo-Tibetan border, it is the last inhabited village on the track and the last destination in India which can be visited without the need for any permit. River Baspa runs all along the journey making for a gorgeous companion during the journey. The valley provides a stunning view of fruit-laden orchards, mustard fields, plush green vegetation patches and stark white Himalayas in the background. The valley is also famous for good quality peas, many fruits, and potatoes.


Shoja comes 5 km before Jalori Pass, on the alternative route that joins Shimla with Kullu valley. Unblemished by the spots of commercialization, Shoja is a perfect hamlet to relax and dabble in the fresh mountain air. Located in the Seraj Valley, Serloskar Lake is a famous and popular attraction here, known for its amazing picture-perfect sunset. At a short distance, lies a natural waterfall, where you can take a chilling bath or just laze around under the sun while savoring a drink.

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