Ultimate Road Trip Playlist For Your Next Trip To The Mountains

A journey is worthless without music. Especially while travelling you should know which songs should be played that will make people go crazy. Also, if you play loud Hindi songs, people accompanied sure will get a sore throat. Music has different genres but here we have handpicked some of the Ultimate Road Trip Playlist For Your Next Trip To The Mountains that will make you go passionate about the journey.

Here is our list of Top 15 Hindi songs:

1. Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana(Andaz)

Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana is a song from Hindi picture Andaz. It was composed by Shankar Jaikishan, written by Hasrat Jaipuri and sung by the legendary Kishore Kumar.

What is famous about the song is the name itself and how can someone forget the yodelling?

This song fits perfectly when you are travelling with your parents, relatives or cousins. The song itself depicts a variety of teachings such as to live life today fully not considering what will happen morrow.

This song fills up the lost energy in you. The yodelling itself will make you enjoy the ride. If you’re adventurous listen to this.

2. Safar(Bhuvan Bam)

Bhuvan Bam one of the top Viner, a great comedian, and a well-known singer. Safar is one of the songs from his collections.

The speciality of this song is a clear message about the journey itself. Safar(Journey) is all about no destinations. The song depicts a journey about a lone traveller travelling in this hypocritical world.

3. Safar(NoteBook)

“Main Safar Main Hoon, Khoya Nahi” is the line that inspires travellers to travel more. At times when you don’t have any destination, this electrifying song will uplift you. Dive in to explore the lyrics which resemble you.

4. Khaboon Ke Parindey(Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara taught us a lot of things such as living life to the fullest. One such song in the movie which perfectly relates to the story is Khaboon Ke Parindey. Vocalized by Alyssa Mendosa and Mohit Chauhan.

The song portrays to fly in the sky, without thinking of the destination. It soothes you. While hearing the song, pop your head out of the window and feel the wind.

Soon you’ll forget all your sorrows and your mind will be full of positivity.  This song should be in your top Hindi travel songs.

5. Patakha Guddi(Highway)

A Mandatory Song In Your Travel Hindi Playlist. Patakha Guddi is such a powerful and energetic composed by A.R.Rahman and sung by Nooran Sisters. If you are a woman who has started to travel however discouraged by society.

Patakha in Hindi means Firecracker and Guddi in Punjabi means a Kite. Patakha Gudd refers to a free kite representing a free woman. It conveys a message to the women who are travelling to be carefree and adventurous. Play it loud and roam like no boundaries left.

6. Phir Se Ud Chala(Rockstar)

Rockstar provided us with all the beautiful songs we can hear for decades. One of them is Phir Se Ud Chala by Mohit Chauhan. The song begins with the chorus of girls humming.

If you’re travelling after ages this song is a match for you. Phir Se Ud Chala means to fly again in the sky with no fear. Play it in the morning or when you begin your day, this song is gonna bring the old you.

7. Gazab Ka Hai Ye Din(Dil Junglee)

Travelling with your soulmate? Surely this song is made for you then. The affectionate love song is delivered by Jubin Nautiyal And Prakriti Kakkar. The song is in a soft tune that instantly makes you feel loved.

With the beautifully crafted lyrics, you can make your day memorable. The song will leave you both amazed. It is one of the best travelling songs for lovers planning to travel. Add this to your Hindi travel playlist.

8. Oh Gujariyan(Queen)

Queen movie taught us that whether you travel alone or accompanied the thing in consideration should be that you should enjoy the trip and explore every corner of the respective city. One of the songs was Oh Gujariyan. It is a perfect song if you’re travelling with your gang.

The song triggers joy in every soul. The music is extremely lively to make you feel realistic and happy about the trip.

Advice: If driving at Night, play this song will help people to skip sleep and sing in chorus.

9. Ilahi(Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani)

Everyone has different mindsets of travelling. The song is perfect if you’re about to roam every corner of the world with no worries. The music describes a traveller travelling to lands, seas. The chorus sound in the background creates a sensational vibe.

This song reminds us to live our dreams before we perish. Play it loud in your car as it is one of the best Hindi songs to play.

10. Yunhi Chala Chal Rahi(Swades)

Composed by A.R.Rahman and sung by two Udit Narayan and Kailash Kher. The video itself shows a traveller travelling on the roads with people of different states. The song itself is filmed in road villages of India.

The song encourages you to travel the world as the earth is filled with a variety of colours. It is one of the best travelling songs from the decade. This is a necessity in your top Hindi travel songs playlist.

11. Aao Milo Chalo(Jab We Met)

If you don’t like loud music this song is devoted to you. Sung by Shaan and Ustad Sultan Khan. Travelling solo is bliss, at times but if you are travelling with someone you can make the journey more worthful. This song typically expresses travel with your loved ones make it memorable.

12. Safarnama(Tamasha)

Safarnama itself will make you pack your bags and go on a vacation if you are sitting idle. The song expresses the beauty of Corsica, which will make you drop a visit. Beautifully crafted by Lucky Ali.

13. Journey Song(Piku) -A Perfect Soft Tone In Your

Walk fast when you can’t walk slow is conveyed through this song. It is in both Hindi and Bengali mixing. This song is a breezy, road trip to the mountains track perfectly fit for you.

Additionally changing its gears and rhythms just as the scenery changes when we peek outside the window of the car. Reserve this song for your road trip to the mountains.

14. Sooraj Dooba Hain(Roy) – A party song in your Top Hindi Travel Songs.

Here comes the party song that makes you dance for no reason. The music inspires you to travel more ahead with forgetting the grief. You should not know the destination, just live your dreams.

The song starts with a message to be a bit selfish, carefree, unnerved by the havocs in your life. The video goes perfectly with the lyrics. This is one of my favourite songs from the Ultimate Road Trip Playlist For Your Next Trip To The Mountains.

15. Chaiyya Chaiyya(Dilse) – A must-have song in your Top 15 Hindi Travel songs.

How can anyone forget the song which made people go crazy? Beautifully crafted by Gulzar and sung by Sukhwinder Singh. The video is shot on top of the Ooty train. The song is superb for your travelling journey or a road trip to the mountains. This is a must in your top Hindi travel playlist. All Video Sources are fetched from Youtube.

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Hindi songs are worth to hear about a road trip to the mountains. Listen to these songs and make your journey memorable. Who knows these might be your best Hindi travelling songs? Trip memories at some point will fade away but you will always remember Ultimate Road Trip Playlist For Your Next Trip To The Mountains and you can suggest people too.

Enjoy Listening! 🙂


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