Try These Cafes and Restaurants in Kinnaur for Divine Food!

Kinnaur has recently established itself as a haven for food lovers. The places to eat in this Indian state are winning the praise of gastronomes all around India for their contemporary take on homely food. If we had to describe modern Himachali dishes in one line; we would say that they are a seamless blend of local ingredients and nouveau culinary techniques. Top Try These Cafes and Restaurants in Kinnaur for Divine Food rely on fresh organic ingredients sourced from local farmers and producers. If you want to soak up the epic scenery while you eat; here’s where to dine with a view of the wilderness and lofty Himalayan ranges. You are in for a treat.

Wheat, Ogla, Phafra, barley, peas, black peas and other similar things come under the common food habits of people in Kinnaur. Non-vegetarians eat goat and ram’s meat, sipping alcohol in daily routine and occasions is also a common affair here. Your trip to Kinnaur is incomplete if you won’t munch in the world-famous red apples grown here and drink a glassful of “cha”, a salted tea known to refresh the soul.

Restaurants & Cafe In Kinnaur

Love to dine with a view? Here are the best restaurants in Kinnaur that will offer you not just a feast for your tastebuds, but your eyes as well.

Hotel Srikhand

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Hotel Srikhand retains a homely, satisfying atmosphere. They are open to customizing your desire for a dish primarily based on your dietary necessities and taste. It thwarts your expectation of dining. The restaurant gives superb views of the lofty mountains. It serves Mexican, Italian, and genuine Himachali food. Their specialities encompass poultry warm and bitter soup and warm chocolate.

Hotel Mehfil

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Hotel Mehfil has persistently been named as one of the nice eating places in Kinnaur. With a minimalist interior, it is the best surrounding for diners to snap pics of their meals. Their forte consists of white sauce Pasta, fowl salad, falafel, Himachali meat dishes and tingmo. We advocate that you go to this location to have their well-known breakfast tray.

Little Chef’s Restaurant

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Making way for a hearty meal is Little Chef Restaurant in Kinnaur. Courtesy of this strategic location, foodies in and around the regional can stroll into this consuming residence with no trouble besides dealing with any hassles associated with commuting to this section of the city. It is one of the most sought after Multicuisine Restaurants in Reckong Peo. 

Little Chef Restaurant at Reckong Peo makes certain one has the experience of an amazing meal with the aid of supplying pretty palatable food.

Restaurants & Cafe In Rest of Himachal You Should Not Miss

Lung-Ta, Mcleodganj

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This is a quaint restaurant that has a well-designed internal eating area and additionally an outer seating vicinity to witness the lovely mountains. The restaurant is regarded for its warm and enigmatic ambience and delectable Japanese cuisine. They serve vegetarian meals and it’s pretty budget-friendly for travellers. They additionally run a non-profit operation that is given to Tibet Welfare.

Wake & Bake Cafe, Shimla

Best Cafes in Shimla - OnHisOwnTrip
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Situated contrary to the city corridor building, this cafe cum restaurant provides a relaxed location to take a seat and dine-in. This is the best vicinity for the humans who favour to take damage after the busy buying routines and loosen up for a while. The area is very close-knitted however nicely deliberate which offers a house for the readers to experience some by myself time with a book.

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Each dish in the aforementioned eating places in Himachal Pradesh is prepared with finesse and big doses of love. The meals are luxurious with a stage of creativity that units it above most eating places in the country. If you desire to pattern real Himachali cuisine, e-book an outing to Kinnaur proper away with Travellerspoint to avail interesting offers and discounts. You will have the time of your life. These restaurants are extraordinarily popular, so take into account to book a desk in advance.

Bon appetit.

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