A Day-Trip To Sonmarg Reveals The Beauty Of Kashmir

At first glance, Sonmarg feels like a dreamlike sequence. The meandering road, up in the high Himalayas from Srinagar to Sonmarg seems endless. As we reach Sonmarg, the clouds above our heads hung low in a threatening stance. As the day passes, it gets brighter and the green around us seems greener and the warm sun feels warmer. Far across, we can see the grandiose of the mountains, parts covered in snow and mostly covered with sublime mist.


The Land of Lakes

Sonmarg has quite a few lakes but most tourists are unaware of this beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. But when we reach here, the driver or guide will surely tell us about them. It has Gangabal Lake, as we move towards it; feels like we have entered a movie sequence, the vast lake is laid open in front of us. The lake sits right on the foothills of a gigantic mountain, Mount Harmukh. It is a suitable place for trekking.

Next is the Gadsar Lake, which is also known as the lake of flowers. It gets frozen during winters but during summers we can see the colour of the water. The area around the lake is filled with wildflowers. And as we walk upon the wildflowers it feels like we are the first human on the earth.

Then there is the enchanting Nilagrad River which is surrounded with greenery all around. It gives ways to rolling hills that stand against the background. We can simply sit by the flowing water and dip our feet. It is a nice place to sit quietly and see the flying birds.


Beyond Sonmarg

The next most amazing thing Sonmarg has is the journey to Zoji La Pass. The one-hour drive is not at all boring it is full of spectacular views. The pass is located between Srinagar and Leh and as we drive the vegetation starts to go scarce. Reaching the pass feels like the journey was the best part. It is full of life and beauty.

Zoji La Pass gets our adrenaline rushing while soothing our eyes. The roads can get a lot of bumpy from time to time. By the evening we can return to Srinagar, sit at a bar and chill. The drivers there may charge us extra for the drive to the pass but it is worth it. The beauty gives immense pleasure to both the eyes and the soul.

Kashmir is never complete without Sonmarg. It is the essence of the place. If we are in Kashmir and not visiting Sonmarg it will be an incomplete trip and we will miss a major beauty of Kashmir. It has a lot and the most to offer.

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