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What to put up on a journey weblog in 2021? Need some tour weblog to submit ideas? It’s a challenging time for journey bloggers proper now. With a world pandemic taking place, journey restrictions are tight and altering constantly. And with no thinking when tour bans will be lifted, many aren’t even bothering to make future journey plans. Let’s ideate some Tips for Travel Blog Post Ideas For Creating Engaging Content.

I really feel for my fellow bloggers in the tour niche. I desired to put myself in their shoes and think about what I would write about proper now if I had been a journey blogger. Here is a listing of Travel Blog Post Ideas For Creating Engaging Content to proceed to develop your travel niche when no one is travelling.

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Dealing With The Current Situation

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This is a remarkable time. The COVID-19 Pandemic has modified the journey enterprise drastically. And with it, the journey weblog industry. I can’t think about how difficult it is to write a journey weblog barring travelling!

And whilst your common tour weblog recommendation may additionally be on hold, you can nonetheless be there for your audience. Help your readers thru the state of affairs with guidelines special to this time in records with recommendation about:

  • When to Cancel Travel Plans
  • How to Cancel a Flight
  • Dealing with the Disappointment of a Cancelled Trip
  • How to Get a Flight Refund
  • Explaining a Cancelled Trip to Kids

Connect With Your Audience

Now is a magnificent time to supply your target audience with a perception of who YOU are. Allowing your readers in on a greater private degree can create greater have faith and loyalty.

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Instead of focusing on the place, your target audience needs to be going, let them into your world with private experiences, such as:

  • The First Trip You’ll Personally Take After the Travel Ban
  • Running a Travel Blog During a Pandemic
  • Travel Bucket List
  • Funniest Travel Experience of Yours
  • Your Most Bizarre Travel Experience
  • Your Scariest Travel Experience
  • The Strangest Thing You’ve Eaten While Travelling
  • Favourite Travel Souvenir You’ve Acquired
  • Your Favourite Travel Documentaries

Travel From Home

Help your target audience scratch that journey itch from home! Keep them from feeling caught with useful sources like:

  • Travel From Home – The Best Virtual Tours of Famous Tourist Destinations
  • Local Day journeys to Cure Your Wanderlust
  • The Best Virtual Disney Rides on YouTube
  • The Best Travel Shows on Netflix
  • Virtual Tours of Zoos and Museums
  • Favourite Travel Based YouTube Channels
  • Exploring Locations with Google Maps

Get the Creative Juices Flowing!

We’re all in an identical boat. Stuck at home, geared up to get out or locate something to occupy our time. Help your travel-loving readers cope with travel-themed things to do like:

  • Creative Ways to Organize/Store Travel Photos
  • Travel Themed Crafts
  • Recipes! Tastes From Around The World To Recreate at Home
  • Creative Ways to Display Travel Photos/Souvenirs

Help Your Readers Plan For Future Travel

Since no one is aware of WHEN the tour will return to normal, you ought to provide your readers thoughts that may want to beautify their future journeys that may also require extra practise than others. For example:

  • Basic Phrases to Learn in Various Languages (ie. Basic French that may want to be useful when travelling to Paris or How  to Say Hello, Goodbye, Please, and Thank You in several languages)
  • What’s On Your Long Flight Playlist
  • Photography Tips: Improve Skills Before Your Next Trip
  • How to Thoroughly Plan Your Next Trip
  • How to Start a Travel Fund For The Future

Try a Travel Themed Round-Up Post

When all else fails, Round-Up! People love studying round-up posts, whether or not they’re planning a day out or not. And the chances are endless.

  • Round-Up Post of Haunted Locations You Can Visit
  • Favourite Travel Quotes
  • The Most “Bang for Your Buck” Destinations
  • Eco-Friendly Hotels Around the World
  • Unique AirBnB’s
  • Best Beaches
  • Coolest Campgrounds
  • Favourite National Parks
  • Awesome Travel Apps
  • Helpful Travel Podcasts

More thoughts to develop your tour blog


Now is additionally an extraordinary time to pre-write weblog posts for when the journey ban is lifted. Take this chance to get future content material written and prepared to promote when the time comes.

Make a lot of Pinterest pins for the new posts and have social media posts drafted and saved. If nothing else, this is the ideal time to get incredibly organized.

OR go in advance and put up posts that aren’t applicable now, however will be. This way you’ll get the posts listed and get Pinterest pins out there for future searches.


Update your ancient weblog posts. Make changes to your weblog you’ve been that means to get to. Update plugins. Ensure your weblog is legally compliant.

Basically, get your self exquisite organized for the superb time when this remarkable time is eventually over!

Be Productive

Work on different initiatives you’ve no longer had time for.

Create a YouTube channel if it’s been on your To-Do list. Create freebies/printables for your audience. Make Throwback posts on social media. Beef up your electronic mail advertising and pre-plan your newsletters. Create new pins for historical weblog posts.

Branch Out

Join running a blog community and Facebook Groups. Make buddies with different bloggers in your niche. Help every different out by using sharing posts, pins, and attractive on social media. Maybe write visitor posts for every other.

Keep Going

Most importantly, don’t give up. Don’t stop and wait it out. Push ahead and get creative.

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I’m sure it’s so frustrating to watch your traffic (and income) tank. But this is only temporary. Do a little bit each day to grow your travel blog so you’re ready to hit the tarmac running when this is all over!

I hope you got some helpful travel blog post ideas to keep you going until this is all over.


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