How to travel to a place when you don’t know the language.

How to travel to a place when you don’t know the language

Traveling the globe can be the adventure for a lifetime, but sooner or later travelers are bound to run into language is fun, enjoyment and exciting but for some people, it also can be nerve-racking if you don’t know the language. That’s why we have put together our tips on “how to travel to a place when you don’t know the language”.

Use Body Language

Use Body Language
Use Body Language

Body language is a very important way when you’re trying to make yourself understood by someone who doesn’t know your language. For instance, when you enter a restaurant and can’t read the menu, look for photos or a display case so you can point to the food you would like to eat or check out what the table next to you is having if it looks good, you can choose the same thing. If you like, you can carry some basic symbols with you and point to them when you encounter anyone as a method of asking a question. For example, showing a person an image or symbol of a toilet and pointing to it would be a great method to get that person to direct you to the nearest toilet oom.

Smiles, nods, shrugs, and gestures can also help you to get your means across.


Pointing is very powerful. For example, pointing to any items on the menu as you butcher the pronunciation is commonly a good way to make sure you’re ordering what you actually need and want. Pointing at places on maps, pointing at your phone, pointing at the address you’re looking for. It is a great way to get your “point” meaning across

Translation Apps


Another great solution if you don’t know the language, although not always the much practical, is the use of the translation apps. They are usually far from perfect meaning but if you’re in a bind or simply want a guide for the basic words and phrases that you’re trying to know, they can be very helpful.

Observe Others

When you don’t know the language, you can learn a great thing simply by observing others. If you’re not much sure how to behave and react in various situations, just follow the examples set by the people around you.

Always Remember, you’re bound to make some social mistakes, no matter how careful and observant you might be. The Abroad Guide suggests that if you unintentionally offend someone you should simply apologize and explain that you’re new to the culture most people will understand and ignore.

Learn The Basics

You don’t have to become very fluent in your two-week trip, but if you don’t know the language, put some time to learn basic words and phrases that will be very helpful during your trip.
Knowing how to say
, hi hello, please, thank you, Do you speak English? etc, will get you quite far and likely make you feel more comfortable. Not only it will help you navigate your new environment and culture, but it shows locals that you’ve made an effort to understand them.

Carry Around The Address Where You Are Staying

It is always advisable to carry around the address of where you are staying while wandering around your travel and tour destination. Taking a business card from your hotel or having the address handy in your Adventure Assist travel guidebook are very easy ways to do this. This will ensure that you can always find your way back by showing your taxi driver the address or asking him for directions.

Final words

Keeping these tips and tricks in your memory you will never get any problem while on a trip where you don’t know the local language.

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