Travel Hygiene Tips You Should Always Consider

Commonly, that sometimes we step off a plane with wrinkled and stained clothes, a pore-clogged face and a breath that tastes like bad aeroplane food. Maintaining travel hygiene while on the road isn’t always easy. Especially when we are travelling in areas where access to basic amenities isn’t available.

However, if we prepare ourselves properly, we will always know how to find a way to maintain hygiene while we travel, whether we in a five-star hotel or trekking in the Amazon Jungle. So let’s go through some tips to maintain hygiene.


Maintain Facial Hygiene While Travelling

Dry skin can make us feel irritated or sunburns can spoil our trip, so facial hygiene is important. To avoid these things and maintain hygiene we should consider two things.

  • The climate of the place we are going to
  • Our Skin Type

If we are travelling to hot and dry regions then we should take moisturizer, a lip balm and sunscreen. If we are trekking we won’t need moisturizers since the jungles are already humid but we would surely need sunscreen. Apart from this, it’s a good idea to take some rinse-free facial cleaner or at least some face-cleaning wipes.

Keep Breath Fresh

One of the most common consequences of racking up travel mile is getting traveller’s breath. This happens because the production of saliva slows down for different reasons and allows bacteria to grow inside the mouth and develop bad breath.Many travellers skip their meals while travelling because they don’t want to pay extra for a meal and this also sometimes contributes to morning breath reoccurring later in the day too.

To avoid this, we should always carry some mints, gums or fruits like lemons and apples. We can get disposable Colgate wisps, tiny disposable toothbrushes that can help us freshen our breath when brushing our teeth isn’t an option.

Keep Body Clean

Sometimes while travelling, we will be in an environment without access to clean water and shower facilities. If we are at such a destination, we can still maintain hygiene with no-rinse body wash. It’s the perfect solution for trekkers and campers who don’t have access to clean water. These products use water-based odour neutralizer that doesn’t require rinsing and is a great quick wash option.

Menstruation Hygiene Tips

Being a girl and travelling for a longer period we might be unfortunate to get our period on the road. This is never easy but there are a few tips which we can follow.

  1. Carry a supply of clean pads or tampons, especially if travelling to rural areas.
  2. Change pad/tampon in every 5-6 hours when we are physically active and moving a lot.
  3. Always have enough cleaning supplies like toilet papers, towels, cleaning wipes and a bottle of antibacterial liquid.
  4. Take painkillers and PMS medication and get a reusable menstrual cup.

If we are outdoor and not prepared for the monthly cycle, we can use smooth stones, twigs or moss as long as they aren’t prickly.


Keep Hands Clean

We should never travel without a hand sanitizer. Its common sense to sanitize our hands before eating street food when there is no place to wash our hands. Here are a couple of reasons why keeping hands clean is important.

  • When flying, we are 100 times more likely to catch a cold due to low humidity and one of the best ways to avoid this is by keeping the hands clean.
  • We will likely encounter a lot of germs that our body doesn’t have an antidote for because it never had contact with such germs before.

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