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This blog is about the strong aspiring woman who loves to travel alone. You don’t always need a partner to travel or have fun. Travelling is all about having fun and exploring the world. Here’s the list of location where you can travel and enjoy:

1. Iceland

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Whenever you think about Iceland, endless sheets of ice pops into our minds. The chilling weather with a serene view will make you happy. The country is so beautiful that it has become a Hollywood direction spot. There are many reasons to visit Iceland and one of the reasons is the North Light.


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A mountainous European country home to numerous villages, lakes, and highest peaks. There are many beautiful places to visit in Switzerland like Matterhorn, Chateau de Chillon, Swiss National Park, Bern, etc.

3.New Zealand

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Home to endless adventures around the glaciers. Here, you’ll come across various landscapes to enjoy. If you’re a photographer, this country offers amazing scenes.


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It is home to amazing wildlife adventures. The wildlife offers and allows you to enter into a whole new world. It’s a little risky but the experience is always worth it.


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Land of unnatural weather conditions. The weather has ultimate mood swings and one can never predict the weather in Canada. Well, it has its pros and cons, the pro is that a traveller can have an amazing time experiencing the sudden change in the weather.


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Bali is the most famous place here and it offers some amazing tourist spots for all the travellers visiting. The view is serene and you can enjoy many things here. Bali is also home to many beautiful mountains which are breath-taking, so go and enjoy your time.


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Home to amazing desserts and a favourite destination for road-trips in Africa. Comes under a must-visit category if you are travelling to Africa

These were the top places to visit for women travellers.

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