A Tour Around Shahrukh Khan’s Dubai: 6 Days/11 Places

Our king of romance, Shahrukh Khan, explores Dubai and witness the city like never before. Through BeMyGuest campaign for Dubai tourism, its ambassador and Bollywood star SRK sets out on a quest to solve unravel riddles. Dubai, considered being SRK’s second home which he explored and took visitors on a captivating, multi-faceted adventure through the town of limitless opportunities.

Let’s catch on some astonishing episodes of Shahrukh khan’s Dubai tourism:


1: The Quest Begins

The first episode which bombards our screens were released on 13 January 2018 last year. In the video, SRK shares the story of his latest adventures in Souk Madinat where a lady walked up to him whispered Haddiyah min Dubai, iktashifha which meant a gift from Dubai which he has to discover.


2: Mystery of the Sands

In the video, SRK finds a vital clue to the mysterious box at La Mer which is when the sea is built on land, stories will appear from the sand, and the riddle gets more deepens with this.


3: The First Coin

In the Jewel of the Ocean, they fall from the sky. Where do you think it would lead him? SRK is on the Quest to find two more coins. Moreover, he takes on the action-packed cyclone test at La Parele and more adventures coming by.


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4: Clash of the kings

With hammer, shield and armour, Earth’s mightiest heroes gain their power. The video starts with posing the next challenge to SRK. And this time, it’s at the IMG world of adventures.


5: The Last Coin

On the walk to everything you need, the white hat is your guide. With this, Dubai has put-on even more intriguing mystery as Shahrukh Khan tries to get third and last coin at City Walk Hotspot.


6: The Revelation

SRK has found all the three coins and moving forward with the next clue which is Go back in time. Furthermore, Dubai unfolds the series of surprises as the quest is about to end.
In all these episodes, SRK is seen performing breathtaking tasks to explore new experiences and also connecting with people.

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