Top 5 Places To Explore In Amritsar

Amritsar is situated in the northwestern part of our incredibly beautiful India. The iconic city itself has so many stories to tell you about its auspiciousness. Also, we all had listened to the heroic and remarkable history of Punjab. Amritsar has evolved to be the heart of Punjab by becoming the major commercial, cultural and transportation centre. Home to the large community of Sikhs, the golden city first got its name from the sacred tank or pool “Amrita Saras” (Pool of Nectar). Talking about tourism, Amritsar is well-known for its first-class food, culture, clothes and merry-making. 

Here are some top places which attract the tourists ultimately. Have a look!

1)Golden Temple

A pride of Sikhs, Golden temple is considered to be the most sacred place in Amritsar, Punjab. It is also known as Shri Harmandir Sahib which is surrounded by the spiritual tank Amrit Sarovar. People from around the world visit the renowned Golden Temple to seek solace and blessings of God. Moreover, Langar in Golden Temple is one of the things that satisfy the visitors. Perhaps, Amritsar does not top one’s bucket list, but everybody wants to visit the Golden Temple once in a lifetime.

2)Wagah Border

A border located between Lahore and Amritsar marks the boundaries between India and Pakistan. An apparent reason to visit Wagah Border is the Beating Retreat Ceremony that is held every day before sunset. Witnessing the sight can give you goosebumps and fills the heart of every Indian with pride and honour. The entertainment ceremony engages thousands of people in a 30-minute display of military camaraderie and showmanship along with chanting the National Anthem.

3)Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh is a world-famous public garden located near Golden Temple in Amritsar. Famed with the tragedy that happened on April 13, 1919, Jallianwala is also known as the Massacre of Amritsar. The landmark event took place by receiving orders from General Dyer, and many people, including children, jumped into the well inside the bagh to save themselves. A light and sound show is hosted here every evening to entertain thousands of people.

4)Guru ke Mahal

Gurudwara Guru ke Mahal is home to Granth Sahib and their Gurus. Guru Ram Das Ji founded it in 1573, the organizer of Amritsar. Shri Hargobind Ji also got married here. Moreover, it’s the birthplace for  BABA ATAL RAI JI and SHRI GURU TEG BAHADUR JI.

5)Akal Takht Sahib 

Being 2km away from the city centre, Akal Takht is one of the five takhts of Sikhs founded by the sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind in 1606. Moreover, it is the oldest amongst the five Takhts. Located in the sacred Golden Temple complex of Amritsar, it is also known as Throne of the immortal. Akal Takht is considered to be the symbol of political sovereignty and justice, where all the crucial decisions are taken related to Sikh people.

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