Top 5 historic places in Europe

Well, talking about Europe as a whole continent. It has got some amazing countries with a handful histories which can astonish anyone. Well, I love reading and learning about new places. Are you too?
Here is a list which can help you plan your visit to these amazing countries in Europe. These are the places that are rich in History.  Shall we begin?

1.Oxford, England

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Located in hood of London, the most targeted location for emperors, businesses and traders for over 2000 years. Oxford is famous because of its university. Holding over to the 28 Noble Prize winners. It is considered as the best university in the planet.  Visited by 10 Million plus people as city is beautiful and attracts end number of travelers.

2. Barcelona, Spain

The city is rich with its amazing and royal monuments.

The unfinished masterpiece of Gaudi. Construction began in 1882 and the work is still in progress. Gaudi a professional artist, gave his whole life years to build this masterpiece. Now, as a tribute to it’s being continued and is expected to be completed in the year 2026. Come experience the making of this beautiful work.

3.Les Catacombes, Paris

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In 1785, the Parisian government solved the overflowing cemetery problem by removing buried bones of over 6 million people and placing them in underground quarries.This place is the most strangest place and has many stories behind. There are two catacombs, the one where travelers are allowed to pay a visit and the one which is closed.

The official catacomb contains the remains of 7million dead people. It’s a creepy fact.

You can pay visit to this if you live the life of extremes.

4.La Alhambra, Granada, Spain

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Most flock to this historic Andalucian city for a glimpse of the magnificent Alhambra. It’s was called as the most welcomed city in the world. The place is built by the Arabs, sits at the hilltop location. One of the most beautiful places in the world.

5.The Pantheon, Rome

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Built by the emperor Emperor Hadrain in the A.D. 117- 138. The pantheon is the most influential and preserved building in the Ancient Rome. It comes under must visit category.

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