Top 10 Travel Mobile Apps Every Travel Freak Must Have

Cliff-hangers are so common while travelling. Houseful hotels, unsuitable cuisines, no guides etc. are some of the common problems faced. An unknown place, unknown language and no idea whatsoever, you could end up facing a colossal problem. This post provides you with the exact paraphernalia to overcome any such problem. The one thing common in most of the place you visit is technology. Here comes the mobile apps to your rescue. There are over 2 million apps in the store, the following selected 10 Best Travel Mobile Apps provides you with the exact ammunition to tackle any travel related issue.

For Flight  and Hotel Booking

1) Hopper

One of the smartest app available today in stores. Not only it allows you to book flight tickets but also it provides you the best time to book a flight for a specific route. Its Data Analyst team analyses over trillion of flight prices and gives the best time to book a flight. An award winning Mobile app, Hopper is easy, quick and secure. Most of the times we delay our journey because of the hikes in the price of tickets, no more. A travel freak will not miss out on this.

2) Agoda

Based on the Merchant model approach of the online travel Industry, it is a travel fare aggregator app and a meta search engine. First it searches for all the hotels in the current location and then narrows down the list for the best results. It comes with the promise of “Best price guarantee”. This app allows users to book airfare and various types of lodging, including hotels, bed and breakfast, seaside resorts, rest houses, and homestays in the best price possible.

3) Dark Sky

one of the best in the stores for hyperlocal weather information, it gives you a minute to minute information of when the weather is going to change. You will certainly not want the weather to sabotage your travel diaries. Before getting out of the hotel, open the app and just have a look at the weather conditions for the next few hours.

Best Travel Mobile Apps

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For Language Issues

4) Google Translate

Stuck in an unknown place, where you don’t have any idea of the language spoken in the locality whatsoever. Don’t worry! Google Translate is there to solve it. It has over 100 languages and serves as much as 2 million people on a daily basis. It is a multilingual app which translates the source language into English and then to a desired language.

Best Travel Mobile Apps

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For Meals

5) FoodSpotting

It is one of the best travel mobile apps which helps you decide what to eat rather than where to eat. It gives you an edge if you are in an strange place and you don’t know what’s the best dish of the area or restaurant. It also gives you an option to have a look in the feedback section which gives you an ample amount of detail of the specific restaurant or area.Best Travel Mobile Apps

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6) Maps.Me

Often we are stuck in place which do not have network connections. This app can prove handy as it allows you to save maps offline and offers navigation turn by turn. It can be considered mandatory for a travel freak. As we always have a curiosity to explore the unknown. Lost! Maps.Me is here to find your way back hotel.

Best Travel Mobile Apps

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As a Guide

7) Lonely Planet

Every time we visit a place, we want our journey to be worthwhile. But due to little knowledge of that place we end up missing some of the best. Lonely Planet provides you an authoritative  voice to give you the best insights of that particular place. It acts as a guide making sure your expedition was worthwhile.

Best Travel Mobile Apps

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Entertainment and other stuff

8) Amazon Kindle

It provides you with millions of books on your fingertips. Also there are million of free ebooks, popular magazines and a lot more. It is one of the best partner for leisure time. Entertainment will not go anywhere if you have Amazon kindle with you. It is one of the best travel mobile apps.

9) Cool Cousins

It is like a virtual cousin of yours present in an app. How cool is it, if you have a cousin in the visiting place. It gives you the best advices like which restaurant to visit, what the best you can have, the places etc. It is so cool to have a cousin leaving in most parts of the world. Isn’t it.

Best Travel Mobile Apps

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10) Headout

What do you when you arrive at the destination, check in the hotel and unpack your bags? The best thing to do is open Headout and get to know the latest information about the latest events, gigs, museum tours, exhibitions etc. and not missing out in even in the slightest way, making it one of the best travel mobile apps.

If you are a travel freak, you got to have these Best Travel Mobile Apps to make your experience better than the best.

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