Top 10 Travel Apps For a Smooth Trip In India

Traveling today is a meticulous process. No longer are people ready for impromptu trips and even if it’s impromptu it was planned for a long time in your mind. Travelers today love to cram as much as they can into their schedule and enjoy to the fullest.

Gone are the days when traveling was a luxury or only for leisure. With so many apps around us helping us plan everything to the T, Traveling is another avenue where planning has become necessary. We bring to you the best travel apps that will help you have the perfect trip to India.

1. Google Maps

We know its but obvious and that most of you use it on a daily basis too. But this app really is a lifesaver. With up to date information on various roads and routes in India, it ensures you reach the right spot at the right time.

Tavel app
Tavel app

2. IRCTC Connect

This was launched by the Railways of India for a great booking experience. Booking tickets to places has never been easier! It is a great app to book all your tickets in advance, while also having facilities for tatkal booking and canceling.

3. MakeMyTrip

Make My Trip is one of the most trusted and widely used apps to plan your travel. It is like the mother of all travel booking apps! From flight tickets to train tickets, you can book tickets on any mode of transport. hotel bookings and restaurant reviews are also available. They even offer complete package deals.

4. Triposo

Triposo is one of the most authentic apps in the market. India and its rich cultural heritage are very difficult to navigate unless you have full knowledge. this app gives you all updates about the place you are visiting like the famous tourist spots or destinations. There are also dining and recreation suggestions are given.

5. Google Translate

This is a must on your phone if you are traveling to some native area or cross-culturally. For example, you might be traveling to innermost parts of Assam and you might experience people not knowing English or Hindi. Most locals can speak but yet not very fluently.


Google translate helps you convert any language into any language in the world. It also has audio translating features making it extremely useful for conversations too.

6. Travelkhana

A shoutout to all the foodies out there who just can’t let go of their love for food anywhere. This is a great app to book some tasty food on wheels. It is extremely easy and accessible too. You only need to enter your PNR number, choose your destination, and select your choice of food.

7. AudioCompass

The Tourism Ministry of India keeps coming up with innovative solutions to many problems. This awesome app is a virtual guide you can carry anywhere. It has an audio guide about the most famous tourist destinations across India. Get authentic information on the go while also saving costs on hiring a professional guide!

8. JustDial

JustDial is an app for everything under one roof. One of the most growing lifestyle apps, it has a wide userbase catering to all your needs under one roof. It’s a great app as an emergency to save you on a rainy day. From flight timings to hotel bookings you can find it all!

9. Airbnb

A relatively new concept but with an old school touch. this app provides you a listing of homes or houses which are not being used on rent. These are well equipped and help you give a feel of a homestay even if you are far from home.

This also helps you provide some flexibility and can help you plan your itinerary as per your likes and dislikes.

10. Ola

Ola is another everyday app that deserves a mention on this list. It’s not always possible to walk great distances when you are traveling. If you love traveling solo or on your own then this is a great help.

You can book cabs to navigate through the city as and when required. There are budget-friendly options like auto-rickshaws too. Moreover, they are safe to travel as well. they have also recently introduced bike services for lower costs.

These are some of the best apps to help you travel and navigate India. Apps are meant to make our life easier and these will definitely make traveling a lot easier!

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