Top 10 most Underrated destinations in India

Stop exploring the regular old places again and again in light of the fact that they’re comfortable to reach or just you have heard from your family members and companions there.

When the occasion ringers are tolling, the ideal method to rediscover yourself is to get away to explore the underrated places in India. This bubbly season, venture to every part of the lengths and breadths of our nation and discover delight in its unique corners. We’ve assembled for you the must-see underrated places in India which are odd and travelogs regularly skip in light of the dark idea of these districts.

Top 10 most underrated destinations in India



Rajasthan is a popular place for its rich culture. Every traveler must add ‘Lake city’ Udaipur in their travel bucket list. This place offers many ancient views of India like Havelis, forts, places & temples. It is an idle place to take pictures in a beautiful surrounding environment. You can enjoy the side view of the lake and peaceful cold nights in winter. 

Leh – Srinagar Highway


Leh – Srinagar is an idle adventure place for mountain biking. Surrounded by most scenic landscapes and gives an exciting experience to the tourist’s riders. All you just need a backpack, a bike, and a camera to go on a trip to Leh and Srinagar.


Rishikesh is the popular holy place among tourists to visit. The travelers can explore temples such as Shri Neelkanth Mahadev, Vashishtha Gufa. You can also visit several ashrams near Swargashram or the other temples like Shatrughna  Mandir, Bharat Mandir and Lakshman Mandir that were devoted by Guru Adi Shankaracharya. Mostly Hindu peoples are attached to this pilgrimage. It is regarded as the ‘Yoga capital of the world’. From rafting to other activities such as bungee jumping, Flying Fox, Cliff jumping, Bodysurfing, kayaking, mountain biking, rocks climbing and zip-lining. Rafting is the most popular adventure activity here. 

Tawang Monastery

Surrounded with snow-capped mountains and lakes in the North Eastern Himalayan region of Arunachal Pradesh. It is stated as the largest monastery of India. It mostly attracts backpackers and solo travels from across the world. The place offers facilities for trekking and camping. Here you can find the serenity and rediscover yourself. 


Khajuraho temple mentioned on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. If you’re an ancient history lover, a great place to connect yourself with history. It presents the culture of Chandella’s rule with its outstanding sculptures and architecture. 


Enclosed with snow-capped mountains nearby to the Indo – Tibetan border. It is the second-highest peak of the lake. The lake was blessed by Guru Dongmar. In winter, the lake does not freeze during the season. It takes around 9 hours from Gangtok to reach this place. During traveling, you can stay at Lachen Village to take a break in between. Visitors consume less oxygen uphill here and even not recommended to tourists to spend more than an hour by the lake. But the splendid view of Kanchenjunga will make your trip well mesmerizing. 

Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu 

This island city situated in the sea region of the Gulf of Mannar reserves. It is a divine town well known as the Pamban Island that is mainly separated by Pamban Bridge in India. It is regarded as the same bridge which was constructed by Lord Rama for the entrance to Sri Lanka to protect his wife from Ravana. Rameshwaram bridge distance about 40 km from Mannar Island. 


Arranged close to the Western Ghats and flanked by the Lakshadweep Sea, Kanyakumari is the southernmost tip of India. It is well known for its specialties, culture, seashores, and food. The seashores in Kanyakumari are the main seashores in the whole existence where you can see both the dawn and nightfall. Any place you turn you can discover sanctuaries, strict columns, chapels, and statues which will leave you flabbergasted.

Lonar Crater Lake, Maharashtra

Made because of a meteor sway a large number of years prior, Lonar Crater Lake serves voyagers with nature’s numerous bounties. This misjudged traveler goal is the finished bundle for experience searchers. In addition to the fact that it is a perfect spot for trekking for birdwatching. The untamed life here is extremely assorted and will most likely make your visit loaded with exuberant astonishments.

Shettihalli, Karnataka

The house of prayer in the entirety of its Gothic engineering propelled magnificence stands submerged inside the waters of the Hemavathi River in the town of Shettihalli in southern Karnataka. Just a single-third of the sanctuary is noticeable from the shore and to genuinely get a vibe of this magnificence, you would need to get into a pontoon and circle the structure. Along these lines, you can find a workable pace feel the abandoned dividers and the history that accompanies it.

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