Top 10 Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss On Your Trip To The Spiti Valley

Spiti valley is an enigma in its own right and one of the best travel destinations. It has something in store for everyone. This makes it the perfect vacationing spot for any kind of trip. From wanderlust to Thrill, you can have it all!

1. River Rafting

This is one of the most thrilling things to do in the valley. The Spiti and Pin rivers present in the valley are perfect for some awesome River rafting.

This sport will fill you with chills and excitement. This is special since it is white water rafting here where the river is more difficult to gauge and hence makes for a great adventure.

2. Yak safari, anyone?

Yes, you read it right! And as much fun as it sounds in reading, it is even more fun in real life! You get to sit atop a warm cozy yak and then ride through the village.

If you are looking for a fun alternative to trekking and are going with family, make sure you try out this fun and frolic filled activity.

3. Trekking

Looking for the coolest way to spend your bachelor’s trip or for a sassy bachelorette trip? Why go far, when India offers so much. It’s perfect for all the adrenaline pumped hearts out there.

Enjoy some heavyweight trekking on the Manali Trail. There is also a lake here called the Dhankar Tal around which the terrain is perfect for trekking.

4. Spooky mummy to visit

We have all dreamt of going to Egypt to just look at a mummy at least once. But who knew you can fulfill this dream so close to home?

The quaint village of Giu is home to a 500-year-old Mummy! Sounds mysterious and spooky right? It makes for the perfect trip to go with kids while having fun.

The ancient tale goes that the mummy belongs to a meditating Lama who got buried in the glacier due to an unexpected avalanche. It was then found by the Police and since then stands preserved in this small hamlet.

5. Biking

Bikers will enjoy visiting this hidden gem. You can also cover the whole os Spiti valley as a road trip using bikes that are available on rents.

Biking is especially popular near the Suraj lake owing to the rugged terrain which provides it the perfect ground. So, get all your fun-loving friends and go for a glamourous ZNMD trip of your own!

6. A postcard from the Hikkim Post office

What is so special about this postcard is that it will be sent from the World’s highest Post office. Hikkim is located between the Komik and Langza villages and called the World’s highest P.O.

It can be reached by driving through Kibber. You can send some cute little picture postcards to family and friends from up here to your family and friends.

7. Peace at Buddhist Monasteries

A trip to Spiti can never be complete without visiting at least one of the renowned Buddhist monasteries in this region. For those looking for some soul searching to do, this is must visit!

It leaves you with a feeling of lightness and beautiful peace and calm when you visit. Make sure to include in your itinerary a day off at one of these beautiful ancient relics.

The Key Gompa and Dhankar Gompa are some famous monasteries. The Buddhist monks are very serene to talk to and leave you filled with bliss and inner happiness.

8. Spend a night in a quaint village

Spiti has to its credit many beautiful villages that you should give a try. Kaza, Langza, and Kibber are some very scenic and serene villages to visit. Spend a weekend away from stress and worries here.

9. Camping around Chandra Taal

Chandra Taal means the lake of the moon. This pristine beauty is truly timeless in its opulence like the moon. It has azure blue waters and is spread over a very large area.

There are many camping rentals around it which you can opt for. Sit and immerse yourself in its sheer natural beauty and magnificence.

The snow-capped mountains and the lush green valley around it provide for picturesque scenery. The lake itself is magic since it changes colors at different times of the day.

10. Try typical Tibetan food

The many little hamlets sprawled across the entire valley are home to some very traditional Tibetan people. Visit here as an eco-tourist.

This will enable you to get in touch with local roots and taste some authentic momos and other Tibetan food. You can also explore the hidden nooks and cranes which are the true gems to visit.

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