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Top 10 Destinations in Himachal for the Wonderful Woman SOLO traveler!

As a woman, I understand how hard traveling can be for us. Especially, if you wanna go SOLO. It’s like the whole world is against women traveling alone may be out of fear or worries. But it should not hamper your spirit one bit!

With this article, I bring to you some great and safe destinations to visit in our very own Himachal Pradesh. With pristine skies and clear blue rivers, there are many places that make for a great way to rewind and relax.

1. Kinnaur

Located in the Northeast, this is a beautiful city located near Tibet. Enjoy trekking and mountaineering on the high slopes and get the thrills. It has a variety of tourist spots.

With a lush green valley nestled between icy mountains, the sight to behold is truly beautiful. It also has great homestays where you can have a stay and experience being an eco traveler.

2. Malana

Malana is the perfect destination to get a break from the entire world. With barely reaching signals, you will be compelled to go off the fast-paced internet and spend some great quality time for yourself.

It also has great hotels situated where you can retire for the nights. The scenic views around are great to be enjoyed at sunrise or sunsets. Get lost in natural beauty when here.

3. Dhankar Gompa

A Gompa refers to a Buddhist Monastery. This ancient monastery is a 1000 years old and is among the world’s 100 most endangered monuments. It is built at a huge height and has the breathtaking scenery from the top of the confluence of Pin and Spiti rivers.

Visit this place for spending some time reconnecting to yourself. With elegant Buddhist art and cultural relics filled inside the structure, spend some time gazing and appreciating its beauty.

4. Gada Gushaini

This is one of the most secret travel destinations of Himachal Pradesh. Its natural beauty is so pristine and untouched by human habitation that you can actually see the gushing white waters.

The Goodness of Strangers : Travails & Joy in Gada Gushaini – The ...


There are many adventure sports available too which you can try out. Hiking on the hills and mountains in this pretty little village is a very nice and fulfilling experience.

5. Kamru

It was the capital of the Bashahr principality and is a very sacred city. It is home to many important shrines and temples of various deities. There is a tower-like fort present in the village.

A very beautiful temple dedicated to Kamakhya Devi here which is extremely divine to look at. All the architectural and structural enthusiasts will enjoy clicking pictures here.

6. Parvati Valley

How can a valley named after the revered and sacred goddess herself ever feel unsafe for women? This is a great place for any kind of solo traveling, especially for women!

Parvati valley is a very scenic and picturesque valley located in Himachal. The splendid and beautiful Beas river gushes down its slopes and makes for a very beautiful sight.

The hot springs at Manikaran are a sight to behold. It is also very fertile and many crops are grown here. Chojh Bridge, Parliament square, Jamadagni Rishi Temple are some great tourist spots to visit.

7. Spiti

Spiti valley is an enigma in its own right and one of the best travel destinations. It has something in store for everyone. This makes it the perfect vacationing spot for any kind of trip. From wanderlust to Thrill, you can have it all!

There are some very unique activities to enjoy here like Yak rides and river rafting. You can even find a mummy here.  It was mummified due to the shroud’s burial in an avalanche.

8. Nako

This cute village is located near the Kinnaur and Spiti valley and is also having a great lake situated here. This region is located near to the Tibetan border and you will need to procure a permit to travel here.

Since its a little difficult to get here, you might find it a bit tedious. But, it will be worth it because you will find some of the most beautiful pictures here.

9. Kasol

The little Israel of India awaits you! This pretty hill station is very popular with trekkers and mountaineers and great for all you adventurous souls. Get lost in the woods with you and your pretty self!

10. Shimla

A very popular tourist spot, visit this place if you are going SOLO for the first time. This will help you stay in touch with people while at the same time enjoying some much-needed Me-time.

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