Solo womem travllers

Tips for Solo Women Travellers in India

Traveling is like a supplement for thought to our brain. It changes your perception of life. It teaches you things that are beyond the books but are very useful for our life. Traveling solo gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully in traveling. As we all know that India is a male dominant country. All peoples not only male have their own level of thoughts. Every person has a different perspective on it is very important to keep some useful tips while on solo trips as women.

women travelers
women travelers

Useful tips for solo women:-

  • Keep it in perspective
  • Take a mobile phone 
  • Always trust your intuition or gut instinct 
  • Be careful who you trust
  • be aware of cultural differences and how you relate to men
  • Don’t arrive somewhere new late at night
  • Avoid traveling or wandering alone at night
  • Copy the local women
  • Cover up and dress conservatively 
  • Be confident and assertive instead of being polite
  • Be culturally aware and adapt the way to travel to suit Indian culture
  • Be conscious of what you wear
  • Be cautious of even minor forms of Eve teasing.
  • Don’t let your driver “bring a friend.”

⇒ Be culturally aware and adapt the way to travel to suit Indian culture.

India is an ancient, custom and traditional and very different culture to the Western world. There’s no use trying to fight it, accept that things work totally different here, embrace the differences and go with the flow and you’ll enjoy traveling in India a lot more. Come up with an open mind and open heart and India will open up to you. Traveling in India is as lucrative as it is challenging but ultimately your attitude will affect how much you enjoy and how much you get out of the trip. Try your best to fit in with the Indian culture both for your safety and sanity.

⇒ Be confident and assertive instead of being polite.

One of the most important things for women traveling in India, or anywhere else really, is to be confident and bold. assertive and hold yourself well and fit. Forget about being polite, it may be taken as a signal of weakness, be prepared to stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid to speak out and being outrageous. Make a serious scene if you feel like someone is hassling, cheating or ‘eve-teasing‘ you. In that case, if you shout and shame them, often someone will come to your aid.

⇒ Be careful who you trust.

Whilst Indians are usually wonderful and great generous, friendly and hospitable people you can’t be naive and trust everyone. You need to be on your own guard to avoid the scams and hassles when traveling in India, especially in some North and the hassle is worst around airports, bus and train stations, and popular tourist monuments.

women travllers
women travelers




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