Tips On How To Afford The Cost of a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are very challenging and dealing with them is tough. Not being able to enjoy the presence of our loved one every day, being surrounded by people constantly telling us how our relationship is not leading anywhere and devoting the time and effort to keep in touch with a person thousands of miles away can be frustrating. It is even more difficult from a financial aspect, to meet our partner regularly. However, sometimes it’s the lack of someone more powerful than anyone else’s presence. And when we feel that, we know that tackling all obstacles that we will come across in our long-distance relationship is worth the effort. This article is about the most difficult obstacle that is the financial aspect of a long-distance relationship.


Plan way ahead

Planning a trip ahead of time can save us both, time and money. We need to start by choosing a time that suits both the partners and starts looking for flight deals around 30-40 days in advance. We should avoid flying on weekends because more people are flying those days and ticket fares get costlier. Planning and booking in advance are important from a financial point of view but it is also mentally rewarding because there are days when we just feel disappointed thinking that we will never see our partner again. But if everything is arranged, we will have a clear date in our mind to remind us that we will see our loved one soon. We can emphasize this by sending a countdown gift to our partner.

Coordinate paid leaves

The first step requires planning of 2 months in advance; this one requires planning a whole year. We should coordinate our paid leaves days throughout the year around the same time. This way we will be getting a salary while going on a vacation. This isn’t always simple as there other employees in the company who may also want to use their leave during a specific period. That is why we should our days for the vacation as soon as possible.

Share expenses and don’t avoid talking about money

Sharing expenses makes traveling more feasible for both partners. However, it’s not that simple, vicious arguments may occur after money-related misunderstandings. That’s why it is important to keep communication regarding finances open and honest. If we aren’t feeling comfortable covering most of the expenses, we must let our partner know in advance. If there are things which we know we can’t afford or we are footing the bill much often than we should, we should be honest with our partner and tell them about it before it becomes a bigger issue.


Meet halfway

Many people believe that both people live on opposite sides of the world. Meeting halfway between is that most budget-friendly option for the couple. But if one partner visits the other it will more budget-friendly as only one of the partners has to fly. There is no need to eat out every day and accommodation money is also saved.
The couple should talk about their future and assess the extent of the financial commitment that’s required to continue the relationship. This way, we will be able to see the effort and money spent as an investment for a better future and not an endless waste of money.

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