Tips and Recommendations for travelling in Novel Coronavirus

World Health Organisation“(WHO) has declared COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus as a pandemic. During this global health crisis, various health organizations are advising not to travel to places experiencing the transmission of the virus. Although many countries including India have not imposed many restrictions on travel(International).

It is evident that people should take some precautions while traveling to places with reported transmitted cases. Here are some general tips to keep while doing so.

Wear a mask or not?

The first thing that comes to mind of a person when leaving the house these days is their mask. The general consensus also seems to be in favor of the masks. Do they work or not? well…YES and NO. According to the WHO, the mask can’t be considered as a sure shot way to prevent the entry of the infected particles into your system. This doesn’t mean that you can’t or don’t use them if you don’t have the virus.

While traveling through an Airplane, subway or any other means of transport, it is advisable to wear a mask but not those paper-thin surgical ones that offer almost negligible protection. The infected air particles can easily penetrate the layers of a surgical mask and even a cloth one. If you must, then get the Heavy-Duty N95 respiratory mask which can at least provide some prevention.

Wash those hands frequently

If you’re traveling, chances are you’re going to need to use the Toilet at some point. While using the Lavatory, try to open the door using a paper towel or napkin. Use them again for placing 0n the seat of the toilet before using it and wash your hands afterward with soap and water. If soap and water are not present, try any alcohol-based hand rub or sanitizer with a 60% alcohol presence.

Wash the hands again after sneezing or coughing in a tissue covering your mouth. And if you feel like, you don’t need to wash your hands that often, just think about where have they been in the past 24 hours. Hand Hygiene is proven to be effective against respiratory diseases.

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