Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Spiti Valley

Spiti valley, a place that comes straight from a wonderland of your imagination. A bunch of whitewashed mud-brick houses in the centre of barley fields, babbling turquoise-grey Spiti river as your accomplice and; a single straight in no way ending street via the widely unfold valley….. That’s Spiti Valley.  The valley of historical lifestyle, crystal clear blue lakes, colourful oldest monasteries, much less explored Himalaya & remarkable landscapes. Here are some Facts or Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Spiti Valley.

Also is aware of as the small Ladakh, Spiti is nonetheless no longer famous amongst the tourists; may additionally be due to the fact of the terrible street connectivity or much less business strategy of locals. But that’s the special aspect which attracts travellers, wanderers & explorers closer to it; to discover the much less explored.

This land holds a power that will make you fall in love with this rugged & remote valley. So already geared up to experience this spectacular Spiti valley? Here are some things you probably did not know about this valley.

Things which will fascinate you to visit the valley

Spiti – The Middle Dazzling Land

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Spiti potential Middle land; The Land between Tibet & Ladakh. Spiti valley possesses a one-of-a-kind Tibetan Buddhist lifestyle comparable to that located in Tibet and Ladakh vicinity of India. So Spiti is the land that connects Ladakh to Tibet; the literal centre land.

Ladarcha Floor – Barter System.

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Ladarcha floor used to be the region for the barter system. Yes, even in the cash-oriented world there was once a barter system. Traders from Ladakh, Rampur, Busher and Spiti used to meet and trade items of one another. Spitians nevertheless change horses for yaks.

Later Ladarcha honest was once celebrated on the floor like a pageant welcoming summertime in July. And now the honest takes place in Kaza, head of Spiti valley; which has come to be a convention of Spiti, Ladakh & Kinnaur cultures alongside with that of the Indian plains.

Highest Filling Station / Petrol Pump – Kaza

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Kaza, the sub-divisional headquarter ( capital) of Spiti valley, has the world’s easiest petrol pump on an elevation of 12,270 ft (3740 m). Indian Oil has the remotest easiest petrol pump working during the yr in this barren land.

Highest Post Office & Polling Station – Hikkim

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Hikkim is one of the highest inhabited village in the world with an elevation of 14,567 ft (4440 m). Hikkim is also the world’s highest registered polling station & it is recorded in the Limba book of records.

It also accommodates the world’s highest post office with the pin code 172114. Travellers can visit the post office and send postcards with the stamp of the world’s highest post office.

Highest Inhabited Village -Komic

komic village – Mysterious Himachal
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Highest inhabited village in Asia, located on 15,049 toes (4587 m) above sea level, Komic is the new village to get that feather on its cap; formerly Kibber ( from Spiti valley) used to be recognized as the best possible village. This village Komic is reduced down from the world for 5-6 months each 12 months in winters.

Gue – The Historic Monk Mummy

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Gue, one of the smallest village of Spiti valley, located on the Indo-Tibet border has something wonderful that very few humans know. A Mummy! A historic monk Mummy! Yes… Gue village has a small temple having 565 years ancient monk mummy. They have many testimonies about the monk and how it was once found, however, it is really worth a visit.

Dalai Lama’s Retiring Want – Tabo Monastery

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Fort like constructed the oldest monastery of Spiti valley; the mud-brick  Tabo monastery is Dalai lama’s preferred monastery. Dalai Lama has wished to retire in this holy region and that gave an undoubted significance to the monastery. Tabo monastery additionally has the oldest monk faculty in Spiti Valley.

Kibber – The Historic Indo-Tibet route

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Kibber lies on the pinnacle of limestone rock in a slim valley. The village was once the very best motorable village earlier than Komic. Kibber is well-known for recognizing snow leopards. The historical route of Spiti to Ladakh & Spiti to Tibet goes from Kibber. Kibber is additionally a beginning factor for many treks.

The fossil Reserve – Lagnza

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At a first look of the village, one will right away observe a massive Golden coloured Buddha statue which is believed to be around one thousand years old.

The foremost enchantment at Langza is the wealthy fossil reserve ( Chaudua in nearby language). Fossils of marine creatures and plant life are observed in lots underneath the sedimentary rocks in Langza. These fossils are believed to be hundreds of thousands of years old. Although possession and series of fossils are unlawful in India, the locals strive to promote it to travellers travelling their village.

Zula ( Cable Vehicle ) Chicham To Kibber 

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Chicham is like any different small village in Spiti valley. Chicham to kibber by way of avenue it takes around three hours to reach, however, the locals have obtained their personal cable vehicle to entire this distance in 15 mins.

Two cliffs, a village on every side, a gorge isolating it, indignant waters gurgling five hundred toes under and pully machine with a swinging basket & a rope to keep on…. that’s the way the locals do it. unbelievable. An easy (?) answer to the outstanding problem.

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How to attain Spiti Valley

Along the northern route from Manali or Keylong through the Rohtang or Kunzum Pass respectively, the valley lies in the North East of the Indian hill nation of Himachal Pradesh, and the types section of the Lahaul and Spiti district.

Daily bus carrier from Manali & Reckong Peo. Cars and bikes can be employed from Manali.

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