Things To Know Before Our First Backpacking Trip

Whether we are planning to backpack across a country or backpack in the outdoors, it is a challenging experience if we are a beginner who doesn’t know a lot about backpacking. Many people yearn for backpacking adventures but have no idea where to start or how to go about it. It helps us to be open-minded no matter what our reason for backpacking is. It broadens our horizons and makes us appreciate our life more. Nothing can beat the feeling and the adrenaline rush we get from knowing that our backpacks are our survival kit while discovering the unknown lands. However, we can’t ignore the fact that things can go wrong and we should know some basic things before we start our adventure.


  1. Plan ahead of time – early planning is very crucial for a great experience in any adventure. We cannot wake up one morning and decide we want to go backpacking. We need to plan on what we need to bring to our adventure, sort out our finances, prepare a budget and plan for both travel and accommodation. It is important to inform one or two of our friends and family members about our expedition and how long we are going to be away.
  2. Pack light –there are a lot of things to do on a backpacking adventure but that doesn’t mean we will take a million of things in our backpack. Our backpack needs to be small enough to fit into the luggage compartments of buses and trains. We should carry only the essentials to reduce our overall weight. Another advantage of packing light is that it helps us to save on baggage fees.Source
  3. Choose an easy backpacking destination – since it’s our first backpacking adventures we should choose an easy destination. Choosing an easy destination doesn’t mean we will have to compromise with the fun. There are various ways to choose an easy destination – ask someone who has experience with backpacking, pick a well-travelled trail, check the weather, ease of access, compare the cost.
  4. Get vaccinated – based on the destination; the doctor will suggest the most appropriate vaccine shot depending on the climate, temperature, and inherent factors such as our health and medical history. Most people don’t understand the need to be vaccinated but it is important because it prevents our body from getting affected by the changes.
  5. Network as much as you can – we should talk to people around us during the journey. If someone of our relation lives in the destination place then we shouldn’t hesitate to visit them. If we are travelling alone then networking is very important, we learn to make new friends and talk to new people. We get some local friends then it becomes easier to survive.
  6. Get essential backpacking gear and clothing – though we should pack light that doesn’t mean we will go unprepared for the trip. We should know what we are planning to do and pack accordingly. If we are going camping, then we must take suitable camping gear. If we are travelling to places like Thailand then we won’t need any camping gear.

All the above points are important tips for beginners to enjoy and have an adventurous backpacking trip. It is important that we consider the above tips or else it is possible that the whole trip would go wrong and we would end up all confused and upset. So we should act smart and go with proper planning.

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