The Ultimate Travel Guide For A Trip To The Himalayas

The most extensive of all mountain ranges, the Himalayas stretches across the lands of Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal and eastern China. Home to the very best peaks on the earth, it represents the courageous and vivacious spirit of those countries’ nomadic tribes. If you’re planning a visit to the Indian Himalayas then, here is The Ultimate Travel Guide For A Trip To The Himalayas. 

The items you would like to stay in mind while travelling to The Himalayas

Check your timings

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The Himalayas is formed from dramatic topography, lush valleys and extensive cold deserts that stretch on for miles. Whether you’re planning a visit to India’s little Tibet, Ladakh or the last Shangri-la, Bhutan; the perfect time to explore the Himalayas is from mid-May to mid-September. However, the height trekking season within the Indian Himalayas goes from March to June.

Map and itinerary

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The popular trek routes within the Himalayas are well defined except for those that seek off-the-grid adventure, do your research well and ask the local authorities before venturing into the unknown.

Stop and breathe

Mountains aren’t getting to expire anytime soon but if you retain going without acclimatizing to the fluctuating weather then you’ll.

Hire a guide

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Don’t believe your Google navigation and GPS tracking, sometimes even the best-planned itineraries fail you. If you’re going for an unexplored route, deeper into the dense ranges of the Himalayas then hire an area guide to form the simplest of it.

Get your permits

Certain restricted routes within the Himalayas need an area authority permit to cross from one village to a different. confirm you get your permits for an uninterrupted adventure.

Set a budget

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Like any other range, the Himalayas have set rules for each trail that’s easy, moderate and difficult. the foremost difficult trails are going to be the foremost expensive and counting on the elevation scale the budget drops from moderate to easy.

Cash over plastic money

There are still certain villages around these parts where ATMs don’t work. the tiny food joints and accommodations only accept cash transactions. confirm you’ve got enough cash to sustain the whole trip.

Pack strategically

During summers, the temperature can drop to as low as 5-degree Centigrade and through winter it can dip to -30 to -35 degree Centigrade. it’s vital that you simply pack your clothing and equipment consistent with the altitude.

What to pack?

Weight management may be a tricky business when you’re out on a mountain expedition. Here’s what you ought to pack to survive unexpected Himalayan weather.

  • Sleeping bag.
  • Insulated and water-resistant shoes.
  • Wind-proof jacket and an additional pair of woollen socks.
  • Ski pants.
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Keep essentials handy

Aside from basic toiletries, the essential priorities change within the Himalayas. For a seamless Himalayan sojourn don’t forget items like sunglasses, travel kit, trekking pole and power bank.

Maintain healthiness

This is the foremost crucial of all tips. you would like to be physically, also as mentally, fit before embarking upon a grand trip to the Himalayas. Start pumping those numbers at the gym and obtain a radical checkup.

Store enough food

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Unless you would like to make a rendition of Leonardo DiCaprio’s raw Bison scene from The Revenant, fill mini zip lock bags with many protein bars, ready-to-eat snacks, and packed food.

Stay hydrated

Another basic yet extremely important tip to spotlight on your trip to the Himalayas, stay hydrated.

Medicine kit

Chances are that you simply won’t be ready to find urgent medical assistance on your travels at unexplored sites, so pack your go-to antibiotics and medicines.

Packing before you travel :

It’s vital to pack before you travel and wise packing makes your travel light and cosy. Equipment needed depends largely upon where, when and the way one is trekking. The main emphasis while trekking on keeping warm and dry while still being lightweight. For lower altitude, Fleece Jackets are adequate, while at higher altitude down jackets are advisable. Waterproof, windproof jacket and pants, well broken-in footwear, the veil also are recommended. Good sleeping bags, sunglasses, drinking water bottle, torchlight, Sunblock cream, toiletries, care kit are another item necessary.

Equipment list for Himalayan Travel

  1. Duffle bag/flight bag *
  2. bag (possibly to rent)
  3. Mattress
  4. Trekking Shoe
  5. Socks and stockings
  6. Thermal wear
  7. Short or ¾ pants
  8. Fleece jacket
  9. Down jacket/mountaineering jacket
  10. Sweater 23. Towel
  11. Mountain sports pants
  12. Poncho
  13. Sun cream/lip balm
  14. 1 Backpack
  15. T-shirts
  16.  (Cushion and) pillowcase
  17. Underwear
  18. Cap or Hat
  19. Gloves
  20. Sunglasses
  21. Headlights
  22. Walking Sticks
  23. Towel
  24. Care Equipment
  25. Field Bottle 1 Litre
  26. Toilet Tissue / Supplies


E-tickets, copy passport and replica visa, a list with numbers of passport, insurance, telephone numbers, etc.

 ***** TIPS *****

  • Money – some extra cash for emergencies, always possible to exchange black. Rupees in small denominations during the trek.
  • Plung bag – canvas, stronger than a “flight bag”.
  • Weekend bag – can within the duffle bag on the plane, to go away things behind in Kathmandu.
  • Number lock – does one lock your duffle bag and your hotel/lodge room; no key required.
  • Mountain boots – you’ve got on the plane!
  • Poncho – during monsoon also an umbrella, in September, early October a daily poncho, then a disposable suffice …
  • Flask – not a plastic bottle, it must be ready to be crammed with boiling water.
  • Mountain sports insurance – coverage against accidents and additional medical expenses.
  • Passport – must be valid for six months after the return.

Medication, at least:

good painkiller, bandages and bandage,

plasters and biogas, iodine

possibly paracetamol, broad-spectrum antibiotics, Imodium, ORS

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So now, when you know how to treat the adventure junkie in you, pack your bags and go on these winter treks in the Himalayas before all the snow melts away. Plan your trip to India and get ready to go on a wonderful joyride either solo or with your pals. We promise you’ll have the time of your life from Travellers Point.

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