The last point of india: kanyakumari.

the only place in india where you can witness both sunrise and sunset over the horizon.the place also known as TRIVENISANGAM for a reason that bay of bengal,arabian sea and indian ocean meet to form a complete huge ocean.the only district in indian subcontinent that has both EAST and WEST coast. the town to have a largest WINDFARM of india. the only tsunami witness monument after the 2004 december-26 tsunami disaster in southern parts of india. ONE OF THE BEST DESTINATION POINTS IN INDIA. below here are a few best places to visit in kanyakumari.


the last point of india

kanyakumari is famous for its astonishing view of sea shore,but the real beautiful part of the shore is left unexplored by most of the tourists.  walking along the shore side for about 2km you can discover a long pathway made of stones connected to the edge triangular part of india. The wind at this tip is strong enough to push you down. it is still a day dream for most of you to visit a place where you can feel the real beauty of the place rather than getting distracted by crowd and pollution. “sit at the tip, forget the rest of the world and feel the cool breeze and sea water splashing on you” this can attract even a misanthrope.


A 133 feet stone sculptured statue of a tamil poet  philosopher thiruvalluvar, stands as not only the  center of attraction of kanyakumari but also as an important historical monument. the statue is located on a small stoned island which is few meters from the shore and visitors are transported there through ferries. visiting this place one can not only witness the rock memorial but can have a great look at the shore of kanyakumari from the ocean point of view(like the one i clicked below). swami vivekananda gained consciousness and control over his mind by meditating on this rock and took resolution to dedicate his life to serve humanity.


view of shore from vattakottai fort

It is only in movies where you have seen forts or palaces near the seas. but virtual world comes out as real world only in kanyakumari. the vattakottai fort, a lovely and peaceful place. the fort is built so closely to the shore that 40% of the shore is inside the sea water near .this makes the fort look really beautiful and best for photography. as the place is located far away from kanyakumari town, most of the people dont visit this place and that is an advantage for people who are looking for a place which is not crowded. the real beauty is that vattakottai is a village at sea sides of if you are desperately waiting to eat see food which is freshly cooked then do visit this beautiful place.


one reason for which most of the travelers prefer kanyakumari  is to witness THE SUNRISE and SUNSET. south india is a triangle shaped lamd mass and in addition to that kanyakumari being located at the tip of triangle it makes easier to witness both sunrise and sunset from the same point which  is not the case in other coastal areas. around 6:30 in the morning the dark night is raised by the sunlight which gets reflected in the ocean water and then lights up the horizon.

But,what matters the most is the season when you visit kanyakumari.

it is very necessary to have a good plan. i would prefer you to visit in summer times to witness the sunrise and sunset and make the most of it.

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