Temples in Assam for a Spiritual Awakening in the Northeast

Assam is known for things like tea, Muga silk, oil and petroleum and immensely rich biodiversity. The reason for having such diverse biodiversity is because the landscape of the place is divided amongst tea plantations and forests. Brahmaputra River is the source of life for this quaint place, which flows through the state while catering to the food and water necessities of the Assamese people.

Planning a trip to Assam means there is a myriad of options we can handpick to ramp up our travel experience. However, if it is a holy travel spree that we are heading on, remaining proactive about the timing is pivotal. Here are a few prominent religious hotspots and temples in Assam that we must include in our wish lists.


Asvakranta Temple

It is located at Guwahati in Assam; this temple is one of the best temples in Assam dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is considered to be an important shrine of Lord Vishnu, as far as the ‘yogi tantra’ is concerned. There is a common belief that those who commit sins can attain salvation upon their visit to the temple. The particular temple features the statue of Anantasayin Vishnu.

We will also witness an idol statue of Lord Brahma, who is seated on a lotus, which comes out from the navel of Lord Vishnu. There is familiar mythology that Lord Krishna paused with his army here while going to fight Narakasura.

Devi Dol Temple

It is nestled at Gaurisagar, near Sivasagar in Assam; the Dol Govind Temple is among the famous temples in Assam. The temple is dedicated to the women’s power and worships Goddess Durga as the main idol. Apart from the religious importance and spiritual enrichment, the temple is renowned for its impressive architectural designs and beautiful sculptural features.

Over the past three hundred years, the temple celebrates Shakti Puja with great pomp and enthusiasm and is a wondrous sight to look at. Moreover, both the interior and exterior of the temple has a lot to offer to the devotees.


Kamakhya Temple

Stopping by this famous temple means we are going to witness the true beauty that Guwahati possesses. While most of the temples restrict women’s entry during periods, Kamakhya Devi Temple celebrates this inherently prevalent biological process. This temple in Assam is known to house the mythical womb as well as the vagina of the Goddess Shakti.

What pulls the tourists from across the country and beyond is the fact that the Brahmaputra River flowing right beside this temple turns sheer red during the Hindu month of Ashad.


Sukreswar Temple

It is dedicated to Lord Shiva; the temple is located on the hamlet Sukreswar hill. Dating back to the 18th century, the temple is said to possess the biggest lingam among all temples. There is also another mythological fact that the renowned sage, Sukra, had his ashrama on the hillock, where the temple is located.

Though the temple is built back in the 18th century during the reign of Ahom dynasty, the beautiful architecture of the Sukreswar Temple is still intact. Only the corrugated iron-sheets of the Nat Mandir have been replaced.

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