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The Land Of Gods

16 Bucket List Things To Do In Himachal For The Most Epic Trip Ever

Nestled in the lap of the Western Himalayas; Himachal Pradesh is a place with pristine beauty and immaculate charm. It is a perfect mixture of both traditional history and the modern world. With ancient temples and monasteries, stunning water bodies, lush green valleys, serene landscape, hill stations. There is umpteen number of things to do…
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How To Become A Travel Blogger And Get Paid To Travel

Tired of your old desk work? Planning on quitting the job for a trip across the globe? But you need not stop working or even drain your bank account to spend your days travelling. With the right skill set and well-thought-of career choice, you can well end up in one of the best jobs that…
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Unique Airbnbs In India That’ll Make You Plan A Trip!

If you’re looking for a truly cozy stay away from home, these Unique airbnbs in India, are pretty much everything you could ask for. These accommodations feature stunning views of the city and the mountains. But if you’re tired of looking at the gorgeous scenery, they also include a TV with leather couches. You’ll get your…
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How to stay safe while traveling.

Dont’s you need to keep in mind while planning a Trek

Trekking is difficult and it needs a lot of preparation. There are many things you need to keep in mind while trekking. We have a list of dont’s that we have listed below. Make sure you keep these in mind when you plan the next trip. We have also an article about the Do’s you…
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Do’s you should keep in mind during a Trek

Trekking is no child’s play as you might be well aware. It needs some serious preparing even if you are just starting out on an easy trek. The beginner’s trek in the Himalayas still needs some serious preparations. In this article, we are going to focus on the do’s you need to keep in mind…
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Planning a trip to Kinnaur in Winter – Things to Remember

Kinnaur is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. It is rich in natural beauty and boasts of great culture and heritage. There are many seasons in which you can visit but one of the best times to visit is the winter season. It has unparalleled beauty in Winters and we would…
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