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The Land Of Gods

Things To Remember While Planning Your Trip To The Himalayas

There is one Indian destination that everyone dreams of going to with friends and has thousands of cancelled plans for and if they somehow manage to convince the gods (read their parents and friends) they would have actually had a happening Himalaya trip! Sounds relatable, eh? It does to us too. Majestic Himalayas, rivers, plateau,…
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The Ultimate Travel Guide For A Trip To The Himalayas

The most extensive of all mountain ranges, the Himalayas stretches across the lands of Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal and eastern China. Home to the very best peaks on the earth, it represents the courageous and vivacious spirit of those countries’ nomadic tribes. If you’re planning a visit to the Indian Himalayas then, here is The…
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How To Plan A Budget Trip To The Mountains

It is an adventure you’ve always dreamt of, but haven’t been ready to plan and execute properly. Here are some useful tips about How To Plan A Budget Trip To The Mountains. That put an end to the cluttered chaos by streamlining your vacations to perfect harmony and pure bliss. Vacations often begin as an…
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