Trip to kashid beach

If it is thought that a trip means reaching the destination and spending some quality time then let me tell you guys  that  it is not always true .I being from an engineering college have always been interested in trips and spending time with groups. It all started in my 1st year (2016) when i joined the group of entrepreneurship development cell. It is a group of people having  different qualities  all revolving around the point “entrepreneurship” . The cell recruits new members every calendar year . After this process a trip was planned to get familiar with the new members and the trip decided was of Kashid beach .

The trip came on the fortnight of July. Two coaches were booked and we set off for the beach early in the morning . The destination being 4-5 hours away and the only matter of concern being that we had to return before 8 due to hostel timings of some members . As the trip started people started to gossip . Soon the speakers were set on action and everyone in the bus could feel the rhythm . People tend to be shy at the start and it takes some effort from the budding dancers to get evryone on  their feet . Nagin tune was played and we could see a number of imaginary snakes dance in the most hilarious manner . One or two bhojpuri number and everyone started doing barati dance . Our head of the organisations had posted a small message regarding the do’s and don’t’s  during the trip and to mention one of the point which was , “no one will be allowed to swim in deep waters even if he/she is a olympic swimmer ”

Our first stop was at a  McDonalds outlet next to the pune – mumbai expressway . All of us got down and started with the selfie session and soon the status of most of the members changed on whats app . Reading the different kinds of status anyone could guess how much we all needed the trip . “off to kashid “, “break after a long time ” , “college mai ja raha hun “, “doston mai ja raha bye ” and what not .

A trip a walk a place i found to dwell in, to the world it was the sand the sea, to me it was the road.. The road that taught me to fight when all the murmurs around me adviced me to stop. The road that taught me to move for the way back home was longer. Many a trips have touched my heart for each time a new person opens up his heart. Its easy to remember all to remember the members, the footprints left, but i would like to tell the Kashid beach tale.

This trip has been my favourite this far as its purpose was the most unique.. We knew we were about to have a lot of fun, but this trip was solely to get to know all the members we are going to work with. Talking of the members, you must be wondering what members i am talking about, well i work for the Entrepreneur development cell of my college and believe me when i say that people in there have some serious talent.. All of them are the branches of this great tree that never fails to surprise everyone with its fruits.

We as senior associates had worked extremly hard to recruit the best among all. This trip was to allow us to explore each other personally for the better you know a person’ s mind the easier it gets to get along.
All the students out there know that it is practically impossible to wake up at 6 am in the morning on normal days, but the zeal of the trip the excitement woke us up at 5:30 while we kept waiting for the clock to strike 6. All of the members gathered around the 2 coaches that we had booked for the travel. Every one had their knicks nad knacks packed. We had all sorts of outdoor games that we could get. And above all we had food, well we all know food is the most important thing as it allows you a talk to everyperson you share it with. Mind that tip you youngsters out there. First as usual we sat as per our wish and turns out all the seniors were in one bus and all the juniors in one. But seeing this the seating arrangement was changed and thus we all met. We began to interact.

The fresh air on my face, the first ray of light, i could feel the lazyness of the day on my face, while my eyes were wide. I tried to gaze at every particle that passed by. I wanted to live on that drive forever, but as the day pases so should we. We wer’nt ever supposed to be steady so shouldn’t we.

After a long gaze i turned my head inside to look at all those faces glittery like the sun outside. All were talking a rythm in their words existed, and suddenly in an harmony they cried for the songs to be played. Well that was the start.
At first the songs played were not up to the mark. I took charge. I took my phone connected it to the speakers and played all the hits i knew of. Everyone one was dancing to my beats. For a second i felt like a god whose words are praised by all.
Everyone danced to the rythm all the dj songs that were played were just awesome. You could see that people were tired but no one stopped.. Believed me the bus had literally turned into a disco.

Soon we were at the beach and it was the most beautiful experience ever. We stood there on the sand kept our sandals and bags away and felt the soft and warm sand under our feet. We would crouch our feet to hold the sand in them and they would slide away just like water. We played fribee for sometime, but the beach was windy so the game didn’t go so well.
After that we all finally decided to go near the waves. The waves were huge. They were majestic. We held hands and entered into the sea and there came a wave and pushed us to the shore again. It was amazing. The water was loud and muddy but it brought out the child in me. The curious little child who would rush into the sea to fight the waters.

We played with the waves for about 2 hours, but soon it was time to return. We did watch the sun set and then we left.
While returning, everyone was hungry and tired. We took a stop at a tea stall that energised everyone yet again. Again the songs were played and yet again everyone showcased their amazing dance skills. We sang we danced and in sometime we were back home. Tired, but satisfied with the day.

It was an amazing journey for me. I got to know many people and i realised that the way to any destination is equally special as the destination itself.