How to stay safe while traveling.

How to Stay Safe While Traveling

Safety is a big matter when thinking about traveling. I’d like to give you some practical advice about how to stay safe while traveling. With these tips and suggestions to stay safe while traveling which are applicable all over the world.


 Learn the Language

If you plan to stay longer in certain cities or towns I highly suggest you learn the language not only does it enrich the travel experience it also helps you when you run into difficulties.

Tip: I used an online language course to learn any languages – it took me only 3 months to achieve a good basic level I could use to get around with that language. You can try the same course for almost free.

Be Informed about your Destination

In big cities and towns, you should know the areas which are highly safe and those which are dangerous for tourists. in metropolitan areas the poor and rich life very close to each other, therefore you should inform yourself which areas are safe to stay in if you choose for your stay.

If you are staying at your Hotel/Hostel/Apartment you should talk to the receptionist because these guys know the city very better than you and can give you recommendations about where to go.

Travel Insurance

When you plan to go abroad for a while I highly recommend you get travel insurance to ensure emergency medical and evacuation assistance and 24/7 service when you need it urgently.

Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

Especially when being in transfer mode (traveling from one place with all your luggage to another) you should always keep the third eye on all your stuff. when traveling with a backpack you could always use a rain-cover to protect yourself from pickpocketers.

Big junctions, airports or busy spots are the conducive places for pickpocketers, therefore, you should never leave your luggage unattended or at any coast.

Tip: Pacsafe offers a wide range of anti-theft travel gears e.g. the popular Backpack bag protector.

Only Withdrawal in Banks

Skimming is a very common practice all across the globe. Some time ATMs are manipulated and copy the data on your card unnoticeable. It happened to me once afterward, those people tried to steal money from my bank account. A blessing in disguise: as I followed my card got blocked automatically. need sufficient cash when traveling, therefore, you should withdrawal money only and always inside banks during the opening hours because ATMs get skimmed mostly during the off-peak-hours and in public places like some shopping malls.

Choose a Solid Travel Card

In urgent situations, you should have a card from a provider/bank that offers 24/7 support and comes with some sort of safety process. When my card got copied or frauded a mechanism noticed the misuse and blocked the card moreover I got contacted by my bank within a few minutes.

When you decide to get a credit card to have a look at the safety section or ask your bank for safety and security.

Don’t Show Your Valuables Around

Walking around with your 1000€ DSLR around your neck could be a big problem in some parts of the world especially if you think about the fact that the price of your DSLR camera maybe 3 times the local monthly income.


Therefore you should put your valuables like expensive technical gadgets in a backpack and only take it out when you want to use it.

Final Words

No doubt traveling is a very good thing but also mishappening is very common in traveling. as we all know prevention is better than cure so follow these tips and suggestions you will always be safe while on the trip.

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