SLOW Tourism

Many people love traveling. It is a getaway from daily life, the responsibilities towards work, family, and worries. Such tensions and workload affect us both physically and mentally. To get rid of it we should plan the holidays. We should enjoy, take our families along even they require a break from regular life. Traveling acts like medicine to the body and soul.

Slow tourism means to enjoy a place from the viewpoint of the locals. It asks nothing but to spare a few precious days to explore. It is all about living in a place at a slow pace. It doesn’t have a perfect definition but has a history. It started with the Slow Food movement in Italy. It was established by the respected Carlo Petrini who promoted the idea of consumption of quality organic food sold at a fair rate. This benefits both the consumers and the producer. Slow tourism is based on similar thoughts.



Traveling hasty gives us a glimpse of what the place has offered. Hopping locations is hectic. We are again on schedule on such trips so what’s the difference between this and our daily life? Slow tourism asks us to discover the places. We can learn the routes from the locals and explore them.


The purpose of traveling is to achieve calm and peace of mind. But by traveling fast we end up being tired. Slow tourism recommends absorbing the vibe of the place and nature. Everything around us emits energy. We must travel to embrace that. So that as we return we have a level headed and a lasting smile.


Benefits of slow tourism

  1. Slow tourism wants us to inculcate. We are always full of something non-existent. And these things keep us on schedules. It strains us mentally and physically and is commonly known as stress. Our daily life gives us a heavy dose. So this tourism wants us to slow down and live slowly. Getting involved with new people will help us forget our problems for a while.
  2. We only get familiar with the surrounding after we live there for a long time. So we can’t expect to get familiar with an unknown locality in a minimum amount of time. We will have to make time to know the place entirely. And this will give us a nice break and change of mind. Destinations have a lot to offer, we must give them time.
  3. We should always take long offs when we are planning for slow tourism. We might just love the place we live and want to stay for longer. So if we have a spare week, we can utilize it.
  4. There are no norms in this tourism. No schedules, no do’s we can just be ourselves. We can stay, explore, and everything in our way with on boundaries.
  5. We should always prefer to live in rental or houses. They are cost-effective and let us submerge in the local culture.
  6. We can make time to go organic and eco-friendly. Buy from local farms and shops and see what unique they have. We can work towards the development of these areas.
  7. To absorb the vibe we can meditate. It will also keep us refreshed.

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