Scariest Roads In India That Are Every Driver’s Nightmare

Are you up for an adventure? If yes is your answer, then think twice because what I am about to tell you, you might want to change your decision. I am a killer for thrills and this experience has surely changed my entire perspective of adventure. I have covered Scariest Roads In India That Are A Driver’s Nightmare and Adventure Seeker Dream.

If someone talks about the death road of India, do not think twice, it is definitely this one. Calling it one of the scariest roads In India would be an injustice, it is surely the most dangerous road in the world.  The road is cramped up tightly and more than one vehicle can’t pass through it at a time. Extending from Jammu and Kashmir to Himachal, this path is filled with rocks and soil. The famous Pangi Valley can be approached via this road. When you go past this road, you will see how the two sides of the road are different from each other and will surely give you goosebumps.

Any wrong move and you might fall into the river Chandrabhaga which is approximately 1000ft below the point where you’ll be falling. Now you know why I said you will rethink your decision of wanting an adventure. This trail is surely not for the faint-hearted.

Here are some facts that you need to know about the Scariest Roads In India That Are A Driver’s Nightmare and Adventure Seeker’s Dream

If you have vertigo, just run away as going on this trip will be a bad decision. If you are a daredevil like I am, then looking over the edges would be slightly less disturbing. Well, you will ask me why it can be disturbing. Imagine standing on a road and if you look on the sides you can just see a drastic vertical drop which might be hundreds of meters down. Exactly! It can numb you, especially when there are no guard rails and only stones and gravel on the road. If you are not good with driving, then do not attempt to go along this, as you will surely fall into the death trap. The road runs along the river, Chenab, and is a sector of the NH26.

The road as I have mentioned above is pretty dry and full of loose soil, hence when it rains, you can imagine how muddy it might get. Mud adds the danger of slipping as well. Frequent landslides occur in this area and hence after any storm accompanied by rain, going through this path can end up risking your life. Some spaces are so narrow which might just make it hard for more than one vehicle to pass at a time. And let us not get into how difficult it gets when darkness ascends.

9 Most Dangerous Roads In India

This route is not for everyone. If you have a faint heart, please do not go ahead. I am not discouraging you but the risk level is really high. At one point in time even I contemplated my decision of going along this path. Vertigo, claustrophobia, and breathing problems along with anxiety and fear can lead to a lot of unwanted accidents. The whole path does not have enough guard rails which makes it even harder to take turns.

Scariest Roads In India That Are A Driver’s Nightmare is undoubtedly the death road of India. Apart from this one, there are other deadly roads in the world as well. Here is a list of the nine most dangerous roads in India:

1. Gata loops

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This road consists of 21 hairpin loops and leads to the highest motorable road in Ladakh.

2. Koli hill road

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Situated in the state of Tamil Nadu this road has a shocking number of 70 continuous hairpin bends.

3. Zigzag road in Sikkim

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This road passes along three levels that spin across a mountain valley in Sikkim.

4. National Highway 22

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This road is very scary and spans over 459kms, featured in different series as well.

5. Zoji la pass

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This passes located on the NH1 and leads one from Srinagar to Leh.

6. Sangla road

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This road in the Himachal is so dangerous that one can fall right into nowhere with a wrong step.

7. Bum la pass

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This pass is located at an elevation of above 16 ft on the mountain ranges of Arunachal Pradesh, it is really deadly and has sharp edges and roadways.

8. Rohtang Pass

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Even though this pass is a great holiday destination for Indians, it is very dangerous due to the numerous landslides.

9. Leh-Manali highway

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Last but definitely not least we have this highway which is prone to landslides and suffers a lot of navigation problems during winters.

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If you love the thrill and danger that these roadways offer in abundant measure, then go ahead and experience it yourself. The adrenaline rush that these Himalayan roads in India give you will seldom be found elsewhere!

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