The Many Qualities and Quirks That Make a Friend

A friend is that essential element which adds quality and richness to a person’s life. Friends help break monotony and make our lives less mundane. They instantly cheer us up when we’re feeling low, and celebrate with us in happier times. Friends are that unique feature that an individual cannot do without.

Most importantly, friends help build our character. They mould us into better and stronger human beings, encourage us to follow our passion and help us become who we are today. Friends signify a treasure trove of unique personalities.

Here are 10 types of friends and their various qualities that we see in our friend circles.

The Ecstatic Friend

Haven’t we all encountered that one person who symbolises an active bubble of energy and excitement? We feel drawn to their enthusiasm and feel fortunate to have them as a friend.


These are those valuable friends who raise our confidence by teaching us never to doubt ourselves. These friends have taught us to move forward without hesitation. Whether it is helping us prepare for an upcoming debate or just calming our nerves, we can always rely on them. Their lively nature gets us elated and we feel cheerful and optimistic in their presence. From these friends I have learnt the essence of perseverance in adversity. These are the friends we go to when we wish to seek a new adventure.

The Caring Friend

These are trustworthy friends; we know that they will never let us down. We feel affectionate towards them because they are kind, compassionate and generous. They value friendship over anything else and will go to extreme lengths to make us happy. They always have our back and never let us feel low or feel bad about ourselves. They care about our well being and selflessly guide us towards the right path because they genuinely want to see us succeed.


The Listener

This friend will be there for us when we need someone to discuss our problems and difficulties with. Whether it’s about our professional or personal life, they comprehend our situation and provide advice and support.

hey show us how to tackle various situations with tact and overcome any obstacle in our way.

The Realist

The realist has an important place in our lives, because this friend puts us back on the right track when we have strayed from the path. The realist may say things which we may not want to hear, they may scold us, but this is only because they are brutally honest and provide constructive criticism to make us realise when we go wrong because they genuinely care about us. This friend will always provide an honest opinion on things and help us become better people.


The Light Hearted One

This friend’s carefree nature makes us forget our worries and problems. Their most appealing feature is their unique sense of humour and jovial nature. Their witty jokes can make a person’s day and put them in high spirits. These friends are much needed when we feel stressed or anxious.


The Wise Friend

These friends are a walking encyclopaedia, they just know it all. They share with us their experiences and knowledge that help us make decisions in our lives. We can always rely on them to give us tips before examinations or job interviews. They are the ones who are always ready to engage in interesting conversations and actively take part in debates, quizzes and extra curricular activities. They help impart their wisdom to us as well!


The Talented Friend

These are the friends that never fail to amaze me with their skilfulness and talent. Unique and multi-talented, they add a new dimension to the group. They excel at a variety of activities, whether it’s a musical instrument such as guitar, piano or drums or even a sport. There are even some wonderful cooks in friend circles that impress us with their delicious baked goods and delicacies. There is also the artistic friend who can instantly make a beautiful design or craft out of anything.


The Philosophical One

These are the friends who make good writers, because of their flare for words. They usually search for a deeper meaning of life and existence and believe in symbolism. They are an inspiration because they will go to great lengths to achieve their goals.


The Sibling

We have all had one friend that we share an extremely strong bond with and is like a brother or sister to us. They are like a mirror image of our personality and know exactly what we are feeling. These friends are a blessing because we can share anything with them and they will always be by our side.


These friends can spend all their time with us and we still would not tire of each other.

The Opposite

This is an interesting friend to have because they have different opinions from us most of the time. They are fun to argue with and playfully tease. Despite our differing points of view, we know that they will always be there for us and we cherish every moment spent with them.  They also keep us humble and grounded.


These different types of friends make a brilliant mixture of personalities and bring diversity to every group. They add variety to our days; a day spent with them is never a dull one. They brighten our lives with their different talents and opinions and selflessly stand by our side. Their differences are the essence of any group, and we are fortunate to have them.

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