Bhaba Valley to Pin Valley



4 Days/ 3 Nights

Day First: Kafnoo to Kara (Bhabakanda)
Distance 18 Km.
Covering thick forest of Deodar, pine spruce and green pastures.

Day Second: Kara to Baldar
Distance 20 Km.
Crosses Bhaba Kanda pass and joins the Pin valley. Adventurous glacier crossing is the most exciting event.

Day Third: Baldar to Mud Village
Distance :10 Km.
On third day one can enjoy Scenic beauty of Baldar pastures which is a widely open valley.

Day Fourth: Mud to Kungri Monastery
Distance: 14 Km.

At Kungri a big monastery exists. One thousand rooms are proposed to be constructed here. Tiling, tonnam, Khar, Sagnam and Mikkim villages are covered on fourth day. There are twelve villages in pin valley.


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