Precautions to take before travelling to avoid a pandemic in future.

Currently, the word is suffering from a global pandemic also known as the novel coronavirus or also covid -19. It Is said that over 600,000 are affected by this disease and has caused over 20,000 deaths in the whole world. Which has caused a global crisis because almost every country is on a lockdown which is resulting in enormous losses to various. So what steps should the travellers or tourists take to prevent anything like this to happen in future.

Different steps one should undertake before travelling internationally –

  • Get a proper health checkup before leaving their country to make sure that they’re in a perfect condition and they’re fit to travel. By doing this if you have any health issue that will be detected first and then it can be cured. This applies for both tourists as well as for people going abroad to prevent any disease in general.
  • Avoid going to any places that might have viruses or transmittance diseases. And even if one goes there they should take utmost precautions like washing hands regularly, maybe using a mask and avoiding any contact with a person who might look sick.
  • After returning from the country get another health test done to make sure that he/she hasn’t contacted any disease. And if they have reported it to the government officials .
  • And just in case God forbid if the tourist is still in a country infected by the virus and they’re affected by it too. They should immediately head back to their home country or report to the health officials of the host nation.
  • The tourist if found with any symptoms should be sure before saying things about the virus or disease to anyone because it might result in unwanted chaos.
  • For students returning From any abroad countries, they should stay away from the people of their hometown just to make sure they’re alright.
  • They should also get various blood tests done. To take precautions because better be safe than being sorry.
  • Just in case there is a pandemic that is already existing people should take utmost care to prevent further spread of if.
  • People should avoid travelling even during a threat of a pandemic or a global disease that is uprising.
  • Practice safe sex to avoid any kinds of STDs or aids to spread. Also, you never know there might be other kinds of diseases that might spread.
  • To avoid eating food from an unsafe area and eat only from hygienic places to avoid any kind of food-related diseases.
  • Travel wisely. Don’t fly when you’re ill. With so many people confined to such a small area, you may infect other passengers in the plane. And your trip won’t be comfortable, either. Depending on where your travels take you, talk to your doctor about any special immunizations you may need.

Currently, the world is suffering from a pandemic coronavirus and we hope that it settles down soon and the world returns to the way it was or actually even convert into a better place. But following are the steps that one should take to prevent any disease or anything to spread.


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