Planning a trip to Kinnaur in Winter – Things to Remember

Kinnaur is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. It is rich in natural beauty and boasts of great culture and heritage. There are many seasons in which you can visit but one of the best times to visit is the winter season.

It has unparalleled beauty in Winters and we would definitely recommend a trip. At such a time we know you would need some tips and tricks to ace that vacation. Read on to find out some things you need to remember if planning a trip to Kinnaur in winters.

1. Roadblocks due to Snow

The weather during winters is very windy and breezy. The snowfall can be very heavy and can lead to roadblocks due to the snow. Reckong Peo and Kalpa have a rocky terrain due to which snowfall can lead to blockage on the roads. Sangla valley also has many hills and mountains.

2. Freezing temperatures leading to skilled driving

Though the roads don’t completely close, it becomes really tough to drive on icy or snowy roads. At such a time it is better if you carry along with a driver.

If not a driver, at least make sure you attempt such a road trip only after you have gained a little expertise in driving. The roads are a lot easier to gauge if you are an experienced driver.

3. Fewer facilities for you

Since winters are very extreme it is really difficult to find all the good facilities. Groceries or basic foodstuff is also not available everywhere. At such a time it’s best if you have already carried a lot of stored food and water.

Make sure you carry along many bottles of packaged water and light snacks like chips or fries to gorge on when hungry. You can also carry a few packets of Maggi cuppa noodles to beat that hungry tummy with just some hot water.

Another major disadvantage is that there are almost no mechanics in the vicinity of roads. A few are available here and there and only in the major cities. So, it is best to carry some extra batteries with you before the trip. Also, ensure that you keep them in a warm space or they might freeze.

4. Washrooms and toilets are a rarity

Since most of the roads are snowbound and areas are less inhabited, there are very few washrooms. The few which are there also may not have running water. Owing to the high altitudes, most of the water gets frozen in the pipes and they stop working.

There might even be days when you have to use dry pits to answer nature’s call. So, make sure that you at least book your stay at a good place in order to get good toilets to freshen up.

5. Frequent and long power cuts

There might be days or even a few weeks with no power at all depending on your location. It is, therefore, best to be prepared for all such possibilities.

In case you are in your car and on the road trip, its best to just stay overnight at a hotel if possible rather than driving on roads without street lamps. Also, carry torches and extra batteries for them with you.

6. Healthcare is a little erratic

It is difficult to find very good hospitals if there ever is any need. It is therefore best to carry a first aid kit with you on the trip. Include all the basic medications like Crocin, Dettol, cotton swabs, and others in it.

If you have any specific meds which are mandatory for you to take then carry them in slightly more stock than required. For women travelers, it is advised to carry sanitary napkins and period pain tablets along with you in case you might need them.

7. No signal zone

There are many areas on the trip where you might not find good mobile signals. This can be for a few days or even up to a week. At such a time, it’s best to inform your near and dear ones beforehand to lessen their worry.

You can use the internet and make internet calls over apps like WhatsApp or Instagram if needed. Make sure to keep your family members in the loop as and when possible.

8. Seek help from locals

If you are planning to take a long trip, say over a fortnight, its best to trust locals and what they say. Keep taking updates from them about snowfall, weather conditions, or landslide occurrences.

You can download Google translate or any other translator app which will help you in communicating with them in their language.

9. Carry the right amount and types of clothes

No, do not carry your shorts and think you can pair them up with warm stockings! We know style quotient is important but please stick ti the bare minimum. Carry light clothes which you can keep layering upon to ensure you stay warm.

Carry winter special boots and jackets and splurge on warmers more than anything. It’s very important that you don’t fall sick on the trip more than how you look.

10. Let go of stress and worry

At last, remember you are here to have fun and enjoy it. Though it’s more tedious and hectic to visit in winter, it is also most beautiful to visit this time around. If by chance, things do go off track, remember to stay calm and not panic.

Keep a list of emergency numbers ready so that you don’t feel lost. Keep your loved ones in the loop too so they know you might be in trouble. In the end, just remember, it will all work out!

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