Places Which Are Ideal For Solo Travel For Women

2018 is here and yet we are living with this stigma attached to travelling alone, especially in case of females. With the advent of gender equality, we should start realizing that women have all the right to live on their own terms. And to even travel across countries if they feel like it. Places which are safe and worthy of your time are in abundance, you should just put that little effort in exerting your will in your own decisions ladies. This articles brings to you a list of places which are ideal for solo travel for women. We have considered safety, budget and recreation as the parameters for compiling this list.

So go on! And choose for yourself.


An island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is often considered as the place to which you should plan your first ever solo trip. Giving it to the serene environment, peaceful surroundings and the much needed escape into nature, it is one of the most sought for places for solo travel for women. Moreover, it provides various recreational activities such as horse-riding, hot springs, cultural exploration and sight-seeing. The most attractive aspect about a solo trip to Iceland is the fact that you may come across many other solo women travelers. And who knows, you might even make some great friends!


The capital and also the largest city of Ireland, Dublin is considered one of the best places for solo travel for women. Sight-seeing during the day time and clubbing at night make for a perfect trip in Dublin. Furthermore, staying in hostels adds to the overall experience which becomes even more fun when you meet new people and make friends from countries quite different from yours. Dublin is quite popular for its food. So you should definitely try out various restaurants to get a wholesome satisfaction for your taste buds. Apart from that, the places you should definitely not miss in Dublin include Guinness storehouse, Phoenix Park, Powerscourt Estate and Kilmainham Gaol.


Often called Central America’s most diverse country, Guatemala has a lot in store for you. The country has a unique hybrid culture inspired from Spanish influence and the local Maya community. From beaches to monuments, you can find numerous tourist attractions in Guatemala. Atitlán, often claimed as the most beautiful lake in the world, is also situated in the Guatemala highlands. Whether you are a nature lover or an architecture enthusiast, you will certainly find something to amuse yourself in Guatemala.


Pondicherry in India, has a French influence in its architecture and food. So if you want to have a French experience in budget, this is the perfect location for you. Especially the White Town area in Pondicherry shows signs of European influence. Moreover, you get to explore the historical development of the place through its architecture. A woman traveler has even called Pondicherry as “Heaven for solo woman traveler” in a review on, which makes it quite clear that Pondicherry is the ideal location for solo travel for women.


Taiwan ranks 3rd amongst “The 10 safest Asian countries for female travelers’’ according to a Skift Report, hence safety is not an issue you should worry about. Moreover, Taiwanese people are often claimed to be quite generous and hospitable towards travelers. You might even make some friends with local people, which turns out to be an exhilarating experience while traveling. Night markets and street food are the two things who should definitely not miss on your trip to Taipei.


According to the reviews on, Cardiff is one of the safer cities of Britain and hospitable too, due to the large student population. Cardiff has numerous museums and art galleries which do not charge for visits, so you should definitely visit them. Apart from that you should totally visit the Cardiff Castle which displays the extravagant Victorian architecture. Other popular tourist spots include Caerphilly Castle and Barry Island Pleasure Park.

Travelling alone is essential to reflect upon yourself and to befriend your soul. We all need time away from the constant responsibilities, to unwind and relax. Solo Travelling for women has become quite a widely accepted phenomenon over the past decade or so and it’ll continue to flourish only if you are willing to let it. Pack your bags and set out on a trip with yourself to your favorite location. It would certainly turn out to be an experience of a lifetime.

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