Places to visit in Kolkata


After landing in Kolkata the very first thing I noticed about the place was the ambassador taxies which are like the oxygen for the Kolkata people. They are continuing the legacy in a world where companies like UBER and OLA are dominating the streets. This brought the old and beautiful sensation of Kolkata.

Destination 1:

Vitoria Memorial, It was built in between 1906-1921. It is dedicated to Queen Victoria.  It is now a museum to visit for the tourist to explore the allocated maps and jewels of Victoria.

It’s a large marble building which attracts the tourist because of how uniquely architecture was designed. It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in KOLKATA.

Destination 2:

Eco Park, It’s one of those places where you could go with your family and hangout with your friends. It’s like a small adventure Island, as it has been formed around a small artificial Lake.The place has numerous sports for escapade enthusiast too. The place looks best in the night.They light up the whole place and everything just looks so magical.

Destination 3:

Kali Ghat Mandir, A place where Kali Ma is worshiped and it is known that Kali Maa’s “Left toe” fell at the exact place where the temple is built or so it is perceived.
On the walk over bridge at Kali ghat, I noticed a guy sitting and talking to people and he was conversing in Bengali and was telling people about their future. I have no idea how he’d adopt to the stink of the ghat. He was no common “Sadhu” as we call it. The guy was a learned man who also knew how to converse in English.

The very famous hand-ridden rikshaw of Kolkata.The guy is old but he is still striving to survive and not begging. He wants to lead his life with hard work.

Destination 4:

On the way to Prinsep Ghat, I passed by the railways and I captured the old local railways that runs in KOLKATA.

Prinsep Ghat, The architecture was built in the memory of Sir James Prinsep in 1841 by the Bristishers along the banks of Hoogly River.

There is an activity allowed for the people to do boating at the Hoogly river.
It’s such a peaceful city filled with lights and the river was so calm and the view above was just serene.

Destination 5

Birla Planetarium, This one in KOLKATA is one of three planetariums in India. It is hailed as the largest of its kind in the world.

Destination 6

Exide Mod, The place is famous for its street food namely “momos”.

Here, I captured the local bus that runs on the streets of Kolkata.

Destination 7

Stock exchange Market, The place sells the most amazing Tea.  The fun fact is that one of the Tea Vendor was also invited to Isha Amabani’s wedding to serve its delicious tea.

Destination 8

St. Paul’s Cathedral, a tranquil  and soothing place to visit. It is one of the oldest Catholic Church in India.

This is how my sweet journey to Kolkata ends, where I worried less and explored more to know about different places.
Kolkata is one of the most beautiful metro cities to visit with your friends and family, and there is not even a fraction of doubt that all the Bengalis are big foodies. With Taste comes a great smile on their faces.

Photographer: Suraj Khanna.

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