Places Not To Be Missed on Your Trip To Kinnaur

Kinnaur is one of the twelve administrative districts of the state of Himachal Pradesh in the northern side of India.  three are three administrative areas in the district it is  Pooh, Kalpa, and Nichar, and has six tehsils.

The administrative headquarters of the district is at the scenic Reckong Peo.

The district itself contains the mountain peak of Kinnaur Kailash. As the census of 2011, it is the second least populous district of Himachal Pradesh (out of 12 districts), after Lahaul and Spiti. let’s unveil the beautiful Places You Should Not Miss on Your Kinnaur Trip.

List of Places You Should Not Miss on Your Kinnaur Trip

  • Kalpa

  • Ribba

  • Moorang

  • Lippa

  • Namgya

  • Sarahan


Kalpa, one of the main villages of Kinnaur. It is in the Sutlej River Valley and is a place to remember and cherish. Known for its various beautiful temples and monasteries, this town is also famed for its scenic apple orchards. The majestic Kinnaur-Kailash range peeking from across the Sutlej River makes for a blissful break all the time.


It is also known as ‘rirang’ gets its name by adding RI, which means chilgoza. chilgoza which is one of the greatest specialties of Kinnaur and rang. which means a mountain peak. The area is especially famous for its grape orchards and grape distilled alcohols and the innumerable trees with edible pines.


The beauty of Moorang is generally defined by the scenic apricot orchard and million other spectacular things. One can simply relax on the old fort built by the great Pandavas. It is on the banks of the Satluj river as the cool breeze caress the soul or head to Lipa- Asrang sanctuary. This sanctuary is spread across 40 Km of area inhabiting Brown bear, Musk deer, Himalayan black beer, and many more species.

Lipa- Asrang sanctuary, Places You Should Not Miss on Your Kinnaur Trip
Lipa- Asrang sanctuary, Places You Should Not Miss on Your Kinnaur Trip


Lippa having Taiti stream flowing by and the green grass which is considered as the nourishing for cattle and horses. it is a favorite spot of Buddhists because of the three temples of Galdang Chhoikar, Dunguir, and Kangyur. Also, there is an old monastery dedicated to local deity Tangtashu.


Namgya is totally filled with fields of barley, turnips, buckwheat, apricots, vines forming lush greenness, and much more vegetations. Also with a dash of gold and the babbling of the Satluj river stream feels like a sanctified chant.


Sarahan is a beautiful hamlet situated near Kinnaur in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh. It is also famous and popular as the “Gateway to Kinnaur”.

Sarahan is located near the holy Sutlej River Valley and the Indo Tibetan road, at an altitude of 2165 m below the sea level. It is Famous for the never-ending apple orchards, dense emerald pine and deodar forests, gushing streams, wildflower fields rustic settings. As well as terraced farms, and slate-roofed houses.

Sutlej River Valley, Places You Should Not Miss on Your Kinnaur Trip
Sutlej River Valley, Places You Should Not Miss on Your Kinnaur Trip

The village is purely a sight to behold. The unparalleled beauty of the landscape, with mountains flanked by cliffs on one side and lush ravines on the other side. Also not to forget the Srikhand Mahadev Peak make Sarahan a memorable place. The place indeed has soaked a lot of nature’s blessing and gift.

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