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Spiti is a part of the Lahaul and Spiti district in Himachal Pradesh; it is situated in the rain shadow of the Indian Himalayas and sees little annual precipitation. A road journey to this place is one of the most beautiful drives. One needs to be an adventure lover to enjoy the challenging journey. It includes driving on dangerous rocky terrains with no petrol pumps for hundreds of kilometers as well as coping with low oxygen levels due to high altitude. While driving to Spiti, we will be amazed to see how the green sceneries change to the Rocky Mountains and how the smooth drive becomes dangerous on rocky terrains.


The journey is a package of rugged landscape, small villages, and old monastic complexes. Spiti is accessible only by road and there are two ways to get here, either via Shimla or via Manali. The route via Shimla is open throughout the year. And the route via Manali open with the opening of Rohtang and Kunzum passes around July. The best time to explore this jewel of the Himalayas is between July and September. Below is the list of some beautiful destinations to visit in this place.

Experience the monk life at the nunneries of Pangmo and Morang

Ladies can experience the life of a jomo at the beautifully located nunneries of Paangmo and Morang. Ki Monastery of Gelugpa sect is perhaps the most picturesque in all of Spiti. It is a tantric monastery and females are not allowed to enter the main temple. The gompa additionally has some shrouded fortunes which because of security reasons are opened once a year.

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Visit Gue, home to a 550-year-old mummy of a monk

Gue which is about 40 km from the Tabo Monastery has a mummy of someone who had surrendered his life while contemplating and is rumored to be about 550 years old. Gue is a pretty village with whitewashed houses and is just off the highway. It is so remote that wildflowers are growing on the road. Recently there has been the construction of a big temple in Japanese style to keep the mummy, earlier it was kept in a glass enclosure.

Experience the miracles of nature in Langza

Langza is a beautiful village and the wonderful top of Chau Chau Kang Nilda makes the perspective of this little hamlet even more delightful. The village is known for its rich fossil location. There are many black mountains around Langza and its home to a variety of fossils. There is officially a fossil park near the huge statue of medicine Buddha in Langza. It doesn’t seem to be regulated because no gate exists.


Savor organic Spitian food

In the higher reaches of Spiti, traditional Tibetan food is more readily available. It typically consists of momos and thukpa. Some names of local Spitian food dishes are Tsampa, churpe, buckwheat chiltas etc. Momos or dumplings are incredibly delicious everywhere in Spiti. The villagers can be enquired about the very healthy ‘seabuckthorn’ juice and jam which is locally called tsetsalulu’. Salt ta is mostly consumed in the winters as it is warm to the body. There are various other things to try in Spiti. The valley is just endless.

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