Offbeat Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state in the northern side of India. Situated in the Western Himalayas, it is bordered by union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh on the north side. as well as Punjab state on the west, Haryana state on the southwest side. Uttarakhand state on the southeast, and Tibet region on the east side. At its southernmost point, it also in contact with the state of Uttar Pradesh. now it is time to unveil Offbeat Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh.

Offbeat Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh
Offbeat Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

List of Offbeat Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh


Kalpa is the famous and popular village of Kinnaur, in the Sutlej River Valley is a place to remember and cherish. This village is also known for its many beautiful temples and monasteries.  this town is also famed for its scenic apple orchards. The majestic Kinnaur-Kailash range peeking from across the Sutlej River makes for a blissful break as no-where.

An early morning walk through this paradise village will give you a chance to experience magic and mystery with sunrise. The pinkish hue on the peaks that slowly gets tinted with the golden glow of the sun is a sight to behold. Adorned with rich flora and fauna, this small hamlet is a beautiful must-visit destination.


Nestled deep within the mystical Parvati Valley of the great Himalayas is the magical village of Rasol. An elusive and largely disconnected village situated approximately 10,000 feet above the sea level. Rasol is an enchanting location where one is privy to breathtaking views of the scenic snow-capped Himalayas. As well as snow turns lush green as they flow down deep into the valley. Close to the famous Malana village, Rasol is not so different to outsiders. also with its rustic charm and well-protected community and culture, it is very colorful. 


sitting huddled in the corner of Himachal Pradesh is tranquil getaway on the plains area of the beautiful Spiti River. Lapped by majestic mountains covered in white snow, meandering, and bubbling rivers. As well as streams and picturesque barren landscape with scattered patches of green, Kaza is a dream destination ever.

Kangra, Land of the Gods

Kangra is a very beautiful district in the beautiful state of India “Himachal Pradesh”. It has Dharamshala as the administrative headquarters of the district. With the holy Beas River flowing through the Valley. Kangra is also known for the backdrop of the Dhauladar range. Having ancient temples, and endless tea plantations. Repeated mention of the Valley in the holy Hindu texts, present Kangra as the holy ‘Devbhumi’ or Land of the Gods.

Jwala Devi Temple

Most famous of them all is known for its mysterious eternal flame. which is burning continuously for years without having any known source of fuel. The temple has put the theories of science into a very great question. Masroor cut rock temple, which is a rock temple from the monolithic age. Also, it has been mentioned in the holy book of Mahabharat itself.

Solan, Mushroom Capital of India

Located on to the Punjab-Himachal Border. it lies in the lower ranges of the Himalayas and is more of an industrial town with several industries. Solan is a more low-key hill station ideal for travelers looking just some time away from the city rush and peaceful life.

solan, Offbeat Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh
Solan, Offbeat Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Solan is a beautiful city in Himachal Pradesh, it has beautiful ancient temples and monasteries that attract hundreds of tourists and devotees every year on a regular basis. 

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