Offbeat Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, a land that offers natural beauty, is one of India’s highly adored and praised visitors’ destinations. Settled between North India’s snow-topped Himalayan Mountains, the state calls visitors from across distances abroad to spend a superb occasion. The primary attraction for tourists is the wonderful slopes, beautiful valleys, religious communities, recorded legacy, glimmering lakes and significantly more in quiet air. A trip to this excellent Pradesh’s vacationer goals will help fulfill the hunger for new experiences of all types of voyagers. Himachal Pradesh opens its entryway to nature lovers, special night, experience sweethearts, journeys. If you are looking for some offbeat places to visit in Himachal Pradesh, at that point here are the best tourist places of Himachal to explore.


Kalpa, is the main town of Kinnaur, in the Sutlej River Valley is a spot to recall and enjoy. Known for its numerous wonderful sanctuaries and religious communities, this town is also celebrated for its apple plantations. It is the topmost tourist places in Himachal Pradesh.  The magnificent Kinnaur-Kailash extent looking from over the Sutlej River makes for a happy break.

The early morning stroll through this heaven will allow you to explore the enchantment and secret with the dawn. The pinkish tone on the pinnacles that gradually gets tinted with the brilliant shine is an amazing sight view. Decorated with rich vegetation, this little villa is a must-visit place.


Situated nearly inside a stone-tossing good ways from the different attractions of the famous slope station place Shimla, Kandaghat is a tranquil and serene trip spot to go the end of the week with your family or loved ones. Settled in the midst of the Himalayas, it offers an incredible perspective on the green valleys and high mountains, all without the hustle of the group. A tehsil or sub-locale in Solan, Kadaghat has gotten one of the most loved places among in Himachal, supported by the individuals who love the beauty of the mountain and acknowledge tranquility. It is said that the sun here paints a splendid picture twice consistently during dawn and dusk.

Kandaghat falls in transit to the popular fascination spot Chail. The little town is situated on the Kalka-Shimla National Highway 22, equidistant from Chail and the state capital Shimla – both around 30 kilometers away. If you want a wonderful outing to few places quiet and peaceful in the lap of the mountains, Kandhaghat is probably the best decision.


Kaza, sitting crowded toward the side of Himachal Pradesh is a serene escape on the fields of the Spiti River. Overlap by glorious mountains covering with snow, winding and sparkling waterways and streams and beautiful desolate scene with spread patches of green.

It is separated into two sections: old and new Kaza, each helpful in government workplaces and ruler’s palace separately. Cloisters, Gompas and other memorable marvels add appeal to this effectively natural city. Today, this city is a magnificent mix of advancement and one of a kind old culture that will leave you charmed with its secret.

Away from the crowd of the city, Nahan is an ideal romantic escape. Lying among the elevated Shivalik extend the range with rich green fields, soil-free streets, and clean roads, this little slope station fills in as a perfect vacation place.


Nahan has its past turned around numerous stories and legends. Established by Raja Karan Prakash in 1621 as a capital, it is accepted that this town gets its name from a sage named Nahar who inhabited a similar site where this town stands today.

According to information, the town gets its name from an occurrence where the lord who was attempting to shoot a lion was stopped by a holy person named Baba Banwari Das who said Nahar signifying ‘don’t shoot’.  Visit Nahan, a cantonment town of Himachal for a life-changing encounter.


One of the most beautiful valleys in the entire Kinnaur District, Sangla Valley is an ideal escape from the hustle of the swarming urban cities. It is named after a wonderful town by a similar name.

Limited by powerful mountain slants, straggling evergreen woodlands, and snow-capped tops, the valley is separated from others by its red apple plantation and tasty cherry trees. Baspa River clears its path through the spot, wandering. The spot is spotted with a few attractions from sanctuary and post to close by towns making it an amazing vacation place.

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