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Never Miss These Places In Gujarat

Gujarat is a land of color, love, beauty, business, and plethora. Famous for being the state of rich culture and heritage, Gujarat is one of the most hilarious states in India. Gujarat is mainly popular for its Asiatic Lions, the white desert of Rann of Kutch, colorful handicrafts, festivals, food, unique culture, and having its many religious sites. All the cities in Gujarat having something special in it to offer and are great places to visit or even spend life. For tourism, people like to visit places like Gir, Somnath Temple, Rann Of Kutch, Dwarka, Rani ki Vav, and a statue of unity. there’s a lot of famous and religious places in Gujarat that makes it special. Visit places like the Somnath Temple, Sabarmati Ashram, and Kutch Desert.

Runn of kutch
Rann of kutch
  • Gir National Park

Gir Forest National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in the Gujarat, western part of India. It was constructed to save Asiatic lions. who exuberant the fenced-off Devalia Safari Park, along with leopards and antelopes. Gir Jungle Trail, outside the fenced area, vert deciduous forest and is home to wildlife including vultures pythons and much more rare species. The Kamleshwar Dam has marsh crocodiles and birds, such as Indian skimmers and pelicans and many more big bird species. Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Sasan-Gir, is a wildlife sanctuary and government-protected forest area in Gujarat, India. It is considered one of the most important protected natural areas in Asia due to the rare animal species living here, particularly the pure Asiatic Lions /Panthera leo Leo.

Gir national park asiatic lion
Gir national park Asiatic lion
  • Shree Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple

The Somnath temple situated in Prabhas Patan next to Veraval in Saurashtra on the western coast of Gujarat. India is believed to be the first among the twelveth having jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva. It is an important pilgrimage and tourist hotspot of Gujarat. Reconstructed several times within the old after repeated devastation by several Islamic invaders and rulers, this temple was reconstructed in Chaulukya style of Hindu temple architecture and completed in May 1951.

Shree Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple
Shree Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple
  • Rani Ki Vav

Rani ki Vav or Ranki vav (lit. Queen’s stepwell) is a stepwell constructed in the town of Patan in the Gujarat state of India. It is located on the offshore of the Saraswati river. It has been listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites since late 2014. The finest and one of the largest example of its kind and designed as an inverted temple highlighting the sanctity chastity of water. the stepwell is split into seven levels of stairs with sculptural panels having quite 500 principle sculptures and over a thousand minor ones combine religious, mythological and secular fantasy.

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  • Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram named for the river on which it situated was created with a view of dual mission. To function an establishment that might keep it up an inquiry for truth, and a platform to compile a group of workers and laborers committed to non-violence who would help secure freedom for India.

  • Shree Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarka has special importance as one of the major Hindu historical and sacred places, known as the capital of Lord Krishna’s empire. Dwarka is one of the four most important and most visited pilgrim places. It is also a very important historical monument in India. The architecture and construction of the old Dwarka of Shri Krishna are majestic and wonderful. The great poet Premanand has described its splendid beauty and majesty.

  • Modhera Sun Temple

 The Modhera temple was designed and constructed in the time of King Bhima I of the great Chalukya dynasty. constructed back in the early 11th century. The Modhera sun temple has literally been mentioned on the history pages of Skanda & Brahma Puran.

Modhera Sun Temple
Modhera Sun Temple
  • Rann of Kutch

The Rann of Kutch is popular for its white salty desert sand and is dignified to be the largest salt desert in the world. Fauna The most famous wildlife of the region having the Indian Wild Ass, as well as the chinkara, desert fox, jackal, desert cat, caracal, nilgai, wolf, wild buffalo, wild deer, wild pig blackbuck, and striped hyena. Asses are the major attractions and the animal found in great numbers in this region.

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