Natural Wonders of Kinnaur You Should Not Miss On Your Trip to Kinnaur

Kinnaur is situated around 240 kms away from the urbanized center of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla. It lies in the quiet folds of rocky mountains and green valleys, with lush pine and deodar forests covering it’s highest peaks. Kinnaur is famous not only for its tourist sites and natural beauty, but also it’s relaxing calm. The destination promises to be a rejuvenating experience for mountain lovers.

The area has a subtle mix of both Hindu and Buddhist traditions due to its connection with Tibet. The Kinnaur valley is divided into the Sangla and Hangrang valley.
Kinnaur is girded on three sides by the Zanskar, Dhauladhar and Himalayan mountains.

Here are the five best natural wonders in Kinnaur:

Kinner Kailash Mountain

Himachal Pradesh is famous for its paradoxical nature. It is one of the most homely, welcoming states in all of India. But the state has its fair share of intimidating mountains, some of the highest in the world.

The Kinner Kailash is one such magnanimous peak. It is called the ‘Parbat of Shiva’ owing to its history of folk tales and traditions. The mountain stretches up to 65,000ft above sea level. It seems to touch the foggy sky around it, and it’s pinnacle is rarely visible even during the summer months. 

The Kinner Kailash has immense cultural importance to the people of Kalpa. Believers fr around the country come to partake in the religious practices that are associated with the Kinner Kailash.

One such practice is that of the Parikrama, which starts at Morang and ends on the borders of Kalpa.
The auspicious Shivling rests 4800m above sea level on the mountain. Surrounded by roaring rivers and lush forests, the aura of the Kinner Kailash is breathtaking.

Baspa River

The Baspa river is the heart of the Sangla Valley. It flows majestically through the valley, cutting it into two. The bed of the Sangla is rocky and uneven, making it a river perfect for adventure sports like rafting.

The origin and course of the Baspa run through many scintillating glaciers and passes, most famous being the Chung Sakhago pass. The Baspa river is a very famous tourist attraction, as it’s clear waters, surrounding forests, and view of the snow-capped peaks makes it one of the most beautiful rivers in Himachal.

The Baspa originates in the higher Himalayas, filled with icy cold water, and merges into the Sutlej later on. It fosters a rich growth of pine and oak trees around its banks.

Many exotic fish swim in its clear waters, making it an interesting spot for animal lovers. Tourists can also enjoy Tibetan food and culture, as well as sightseeing and boating in the river.

Sangla Valley

The Sangla Valley is one of the most important topographical center in Kinnaur. It is one of the quietest, most tranquil locations in all of Himachal Pradesh.

Surrounded by the gushing Baspa River, snow-clad mountains, and winding forests, the Sangla valley is the perfect natural getaway.

It is dotted with apple and cherry orchards that stretch out for miles on its rugged landscape. The Sangla Valley is the perfect go-to spot for those looking to escape from the maddening crowd of the city.

Borasu Pass

Himachal Pradesh hosts some of the most dangerous mountain stretches, many of them being inhabitable completely during the harsh winters.

It is also home to many alluring mountain passes, filled with snow. One such mountain pass is the Borasu Pass, which connects the Baspa Valley with the Tons Valley. The Borasu pass has immense geographical significance, as it also serves as a passage and meeting point between the mountains of Uttaranchal and Himachal.

The pass is the starting point of many important treks that take tourists through the many myriad destinations and ancient trade routes across the stretch of the mountains. Spots like Har Ki Dun and others lead the trekkers into the Kinnaur Valley.

Beautiful, quaint villages like Osla, Dhatmir, Saur, and Sankri. These villages are the beating heart of Kinnaur Valley’s culture. Tourists can enjoy the local experience while trekking through the Borasu pass.

Kinnaur is a natural paradise, around every turn one can find yet another breath-taking wonder. Riveting mountains and vibrant culture have come together through centuries to shape the Kinnaur Valley.

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