Nako – A Dream Village in the Himalayas

Nako village is India’s fabulous kept secret! This beautiful dream-like village is located right next to the Tibetan border, above 3600 m above sea level altitude, in the Himalayan highlands of the Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh region. Nako – A Dream Village in the Himalayas  is India’s Fabulous Secret Keeper of Beauty of Nature.

First View of Beautiful Nako
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Nako is the last village of the Kinnaur district if you travel from Sarahan to Spiti Valley. This quaint village is also the most remote village. In fact it’s that remote that you can’t expect any mobile range during the day and Internet is still a huge commodity!

Yet, I fell in love with Nako village, from head to toe!

Reasons to Hang Out In Nako Village

Most visitors come to Nako in the afternoon or evening to stay over for a night before moving on to either direction Kinnaur or to go to Tabo village. A many don’t even stop by Nako!

The reason for that I think is because the village is really small so besides the Tibetan Buddhist monastery aka Gompa. The old village part and the lake, there isn’t much more to do.

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A lot of people, foreign visitors such as Israelis etc with Taxi and passionate Enfield riders; tend to aim for the other more prominent Gompas in Spiti valley so their drivers usually take them to Nako for a night and the rest of the 7 days the time is spend staying 1-2 nights in other villages such as Tabo and Dhankar.

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The younger Indian generation come late in the evening with a wham and leave the next day in the late morning. Indian families with 2-3 buses pass by during the day to take a peak into the Gompa but move on quickly to the next village. So, Nako village is literally empty from 11 am to 3 pm! During that time you can hang out with the locals and make friends.

Visit & Stay More Then One Night In Nako If…

  • Looking for quality rest after a long and tedious ride.
  • Learn more about the locals, their customs and the intriguing story of this village at the edge of the world.
  • To hold on a feeling of having traveled back into time.
  • Wants to be alone and enjoy the silence around you and the sparkling stars in the deepest sky in the world.
  • Take some time to meet some of the most amazing travelers, which you will ever come across in the world.
  • Submerge your taste senses with the most authentic Tibetan cuisine, just a day longer.

Places To Visit In Nako

There are several beautiful places to visit in Nako. A lush, green, beautiful village located in Himachal Pradesh in Northern India.  Attributable to its scenic beauty and adventurous route; Nako has become a well-liked tourist attraction and there are many natural and historical places you’ll visit here. Places just like the Nako Lake are known for his or her incredible atmosphere, clean air and; natural beauty that’s ideal for photography.

Many historical stupas, monasteries, gompas and sanctuaries- all of which are some great places you’ll visit once you are in Nako. A number of the foremost ancient monuments are the Nako Monastery. Therefore the Nako Gompa which also are very scenic, aside from being historically significant. The Lipa-Asrang Sanctuary may be a peaceful haven for exotic animals. You simply can spot once you take a safari through the park. The various picturesque places you’ll visit once you are in Nako to form your trip exciting, memorable and unique.

Nako Lake

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The lake has become famous for the many bird-sounds that can be heard in the area because of this phenomenon. During winter, the surface of the lake freezes over, which makes it the perfect place to enjoy ice-skating. Another attractive feature of Nako Lake is the many urban legends attached to it. Locals worship the lake as an ethereal body, while a nearby waterfall where the water is white because of its foamy texture, is believed to be the home of the fairies. There are many caves, temples and valleys nearby that you can explore when you are at Nako Lake. 

Location: Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh
Timing: Open 24 hours
Price: Free entry 
Distance from Spiti: 116.9 km
Distance from Shimla: 312.7 km
Distance from Manali: 313.1 km

Nako Monastery

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Nako Monastery is one among the foremost fascinating places to go to in Nako. The monastery was inbuilt 1025 AD, making it one among the oldest standing structures within the region. It’s a restoration centre and museum for ancient Buddhist paintings and murals.

The monastery consists of 4 temples built on an equivalent compound. Where the outside of the temples showcases exquisite Victorian architectural styles while the interiors are comparatively simpler. While there’s no entry fee, the authorities at the monastery do accept donations from visitors and pilgrims.

You can visit the monastery but be aware that you must remove your shoes before going in and you can’t take pictures!

Location: Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh
Timing: Monday to Sunday (8:00 – 5:00 pm)
Price: Free entry 
Distance from Spiti: 117.7 km
Distance from Shimla: 311.6 km
Distance from Manali: 313.9 km

Nako Gompa

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Situated on the western side of the village of Nako, this gompa is a combination of ancient 11th-century architecture and modern construction designs. The Nako Gompa is located in a relatively secluded area from where you can see vast, uninterrupted expanses of the Himalayan mountain range. It is the perfect place to plan a road trip, and to take some memorable photographs of the surrounding natural beauty.

The interiors of the gompa are decorated with dance masks from different hill festivals. There are also sculptures and murals that are similar to the sculptures found in the famous Tabo Gompa in Spiti. According to popular beliefs, this is one of the 100 gompas established by the “Great Translator”- Rinchen Zangpo. There is no entry fee to visit the Gompa, other than the general permit you need to enter the Nako area. 

Location: Nako, Himachal Pradesh 172112. 
Timing: Open 24 hours
Price: Free entry 
Distance from Spiti: 117.6 km
Distance from Shimla: 310.3 km
Distance from Manali: 314.5 km

Lipa-Asrang Sanctuary

The Lipa-Asrang Sanctuary is amongst the foremost popular places to visit in Nako. Situated in the district of Kinnaur. This sanctuary is a sought-after destination for nature lovers. The flora of the sanctuary consists of dry Alpine scrub, western Himalayan temperate forest land, dry broad leaves, coniferous forests, dwarf juniper shrubs, and many more exotic blooms.

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Musk Deer
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If you are lucky, you may also spot some of the exotic animals that have made this area their home. Animals such as the brown bear, blue sheep, yaks, gorals, ibex, leopards, the Himalayan black bear, musk deer and other beautiful animals can often be seen in the area. The best time to visit the Sanctuary is between April to October when the weather is dry and pleasant and not too cold. This is the time when the trees are in full bloom and the animals are not yet in hibernation. To enter the sanctuary, however, special permissions are required, even though there is no entry fees.

Location: Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh 
Timing: No Fixed Timing
Price: Free entry 
Distance from Spiti: 175.2 km
Distance from Shimla: 251.4 km
Distance from Manali: 323.6 km

Things Which Might Surprise You About Nako Village…

International food – yes popular, and outrageously delicious food dhabas (restaurant) serve dishes such as Shakshuka and Falafel!

Italian Dish
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Ok, you are right that’s more Israeli then international, but hey you get something else then just Momos, noodles and daal!

All locals tend to speak English very well besides their local Tibetan dialect and Hindi

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The women run the village! You will mostly meat ladies when dealing with rooms, food, and items to buy. From children to old age are the ones who handle everything.

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I wish for Nako that it remains the way it is with its unique charm and that hotels and luxury abodes do not start to appear randomly because this would be one of the saddest things that could happen to this sacred corner in this world.

Experience amazing mountain adventures which will present unforgettable glimpses of the cold desert. Nako offers some of the most beautiful and calm places to enjoy with your better half. Discover the mesmerizing view of the place that offers best of peace, adventure and nature by booking your holiday through Kinnaur Tourism.

Dear Reader, are you planning to visit Nako village any time soon?

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