Motorbiking Routes That All Must Go For

Life is all about the journey, not the destination. Unless you’re stuck in traffic. In which case, the journey kinda sucks. So if you’ve ever dreamed of leaving it all behind and seeing the world from behind a set of handlebars, here’s our guide to some of the most amazing, beautiful and downright difficult roads to travel.


Gives you the most challenging experience ever, a trip that will last for 15 days, the ride from Delhi to Leh is awaiting you with many surprises.this route takes you through Chandigarh and then to Manali, from where the real speculation begins. The route eventually shifts from urban cities to Himalayan villages and snowy mountains, one of the toughest routes of the country.

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2. Shimla-Spiti

A ride from Shimla to Spiti village covers you with immense pleasure and excitement with some of the stunning sceneries of Himachal Pradesh. Commencing from the greenery of the snowy hill it changes towards a more rocky yet beautiful valley on the higher stages of the state.while, on the other hand, there are charming snow-capped mountains and occasional green meadows with herds of sheep grazing. The rides are strenuous and full of excitement due to snake-like narrow roads.

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3. Vishakhapatnam to Araku valley

The beautiful link of the Bay of Bengal and the eastern ghats in Vishakhapatnam is the greatest pleasure to our eyes. any first-time visitor would be taken by the zenith beauty of this city. The extreme curvy roads and the gentle eminence.

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