Most visited & popular Hindu pilgrims of Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is known for its beauty and temples. With such a large number of sanctuaries to visit and explore them all. Himachal is genuinely called the ‘Land of Gods’. Specked with sanctuaries, the State has actually one each village. The vast majority of the temples have legends going back to hundreds of years, some as old as humankind itself. Also, most incredibly, practically every one of these temples has a celebration associated with it, which is commended with an extraordinary show by local people to calm their divinities. Himachal Pradesh is also called “Devabhoomi” – Abode of the Gods.

Most visited & popular Hindu pilgrims of Himachal

There are around more than 2000 sanctuaries and pilgrims places spread everywhere throughout the state. They all attract many visitors of devotees every year.

Naina Devi (Bilaspur)

This further driven Lord Vishnu to strike his Chakra cutting the body portions of Goddess Sati in a few pieces and her eyes left to this sanctuary. Travelers visit Naina Devi Mandir with faith in their souls that Mata Naina Devi will kill all the issues from their life and present flourishing to them. Naina Devi is the first in the rundown of most mainstream journey locales in Himachal Pradesh. This sanctuary situated in the Bilaspur region at an elevation of 1177 meters.

It is considered that Goddess Sati burned herself, this made Lord Shiva angry. At the point when Lord Shiva gets angry, he plays out his Tandav Dance and holding Goddess Sati on his shoulders.

Jwalamukhi Temple (Kangra)

The sanctuary is devoted to Goddess Jwala and it is accepted that here is Goddess Sati’s tongue fell in the wake of being struck by Vishnu’s Chakra. The fire is secured with a vault made of gold, and the gold was talented by Akbar. The gold transformed into a metal later and individuals said that the goddess didn’t acknowledge his contribution. The sanctuary situated in the Kangra area of Himachal Pradesh and included in most visited journey destinations of Himachal Pradesh.

Jwalamukhi got its name from Jwala(fire) and mukhi(mouth). The icon of this the sanctuary is one of its sort from endless flames of rocks.

Baijnath (Dhauladhar)

There are enrolments on the wall depicting the story of the Baijnath temple. It is considered that Devil Ravana worship the lord here. This sanctuary was made up of Nagri style of engineering. Baijnath sanctuary lies in a community in Dhauladhar Range and one of the spiritual journey site in Himachal Pradesh. This one thousand-year-old sanctuary is devoted to Lord Shiva.

A large crowd of explorers visits Baijnath sanctuary, particularly in the Shivratri celebration.

Baba Balak Nath (Hamirpur)

In spite of the fact that ladies are not permitted close to the divinity and can take blessings from distance. Here the number of travelers comes across from places, the government has invested amounts of energy to give them a hotel, transport, and facilities. This folded sanctuary near the boundary of Hamirpur and Bilaspur is considered to be home of Baba Balaknath with his statue image in it. This holy place of worship is called Deotsingh.

Pioneers come across from various corners and offer him gud ki roti and goats.

Bijli Mahadev (Kullu)

The tall staffs get the blessings through lighting, breaking the shiv linga into pieces and later the cleric fixes it by using the spread and sattoo. The sanctuary is visited by a large bigger number of explorers in “Shivratri” and is a piece of a lovely scene with rich green mountains on the background. Bijli Mahadev’s is another temple devoted to Lord Shiva.

The Shivling inside the sanctuary was once struck by thunder lightning and broke it into pieces, and afterward, a priest using spread to fix it piece by piece. This is something that happens today as well too.

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