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The Land Of Gods

Augustine of Hippo said “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”

There is so much to world we haven’t seen. Believe it or not, practically we have only life and we should live it to the fullest. Travelling not only relaxes your mind, it has got many health advantages as well. When you travel and challenge yourself to visit the places, it pushes your mind. Pushing your mind for positive things and getting to know about the places is the best thing you could do to yourself. Travelling is actually not just back packing, it is more of interacting with new people and cultures. When people travel, comfort has the least priority in their mind. It is basically challenging yourself to push your limits. We got one life and it is very important to experience our home planet, its different geographies, topographies and people.

How does Travelling help?

I feel it is very important for everyone to go out once in a while and know about different places. There is so much for us all to know. Become free and release yourself in the winds of different places. Traveling helps one become free. It allows the person to feel independent. Don’t live your life in a box. Travel places and be happy.

What is travelling about?

Travelling is not always about spending all your cash to just pay a visit to one place. Travelling to places might also include the fact that you’re going a few blocks away. Exploring your city is also an option. Know the insight. The word travelling seems heavier than it is. Travelling places will remind you about our beautiful nature. Travelling will make you fall in love with the nature once you start.

Is travelling always fun?

Traveling will be painful. Sometimes you’ll feel powerless, sometimes you’ll feel guilty, sometimes you’ll wonder about many things you’ve taken for granted. But sometimes that rage and sorrow might turn into something else, probably some sort of action on your end to try to give back all of the things you’ve learned along the road.

Travelling is being true to yourself and living your life. Well, what’s better than exploring the world?

Remember, we only got one life.

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